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    okay the ridiculous title got your attention. here's the deal: i cant find a job worth having and my savings are diminishing. i can help with laborious work around the house, mow the lawn, help with a home project or just help clear the honey do list. experienced landscaper, medical assistant training, experienced caregiver as well. did some aluminum welding for a couple years in the past and proficient in carpentry but no expert. i dont have any of my own tools but if you hand me one, ill know what it is and how to use it.

    i am not collecting unemployment checks, so you are not helping me get more out of not having a regulated job. if i get a booboo i wont sue you either. im not much for posting my phone number for everyone to see but if you need an extra hand for a day or two, PM me and ill be happy to share my number. i dont have my own transportation but i am resourceful and will find a way if necessary. as far as pay, we can work something out depending on what kind of work and such. if you are looking to trade items for work, i may be willing to listen but it would need to be something i wont have much trouble selling.

    if you need a caregiver for a family member who needs help in day to day life i wont do it for less than $14 an hour. i know, it seems high but if you need someone for that and you have been researching it, you know thats far less than what an agency charges and i know quite a bit about that industry; my level of training and experience exceeds the knowledge needed for that task.

    all the same im looking for any kind of work you can offer, as long as we can agree. im in Aloha, Or.
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    look into picking mushrooms....
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    There are dozens if not hundreds of jobs on Craig's List with those very skill sets and needs. The one thing that sticks out to me is IN RED!

    Swallow your pride and do what needs to be done...

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