My Ar15 upper is on it's way

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    Sorry Folks, but I'm a little bit excited. I've been collecting parts and pieces since January, just in case an AWB came around the corner and I was the only kid in town without a hot shot AR. Lower is completed, ammo, Chromed NM BCG is here, along with a Mega Machine Shop Upper and Charging handle and I've just been waiting for some dollars to buy a high end barrel, fore end and such. Well...that stuff is spendy$$$

    SO, DS Arms has just released a Complete Upper half for $275 and I was getting ready to just get that so I could start slinging lead and then... a quick look at the Armalite website found this sale:

    Seemed like a great deal to me so I just hit the "Order" button. Now the wait, and the inevitable "what's in the box." :) The beauty of the Christmas season is the No opening boxes that come in the mail unless they have your name on it.

    Pictures and a range report coming soon?

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