My AR15 stripped lower for your AR10 stripped lower

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    I bought a few AR15 stripped lowers to hold onto before all this gun nuttiness started happening. I recently built one out for myself and really enjoyed it. I've been considering an AR10 for some time now for a modern sporting rifle with some serious distance and heavy punch on it... so I figured I would see if anyone here was interested in trading.

    My AR-15 lower is a forged mil-spec AR-15 lower from Anderson Manufacturing out of Kentucky. Solid, well built, and assembles up great with no issue. I'm quite happy with the one I built out and it works great and without issue.

    I expect similar quality in an AR10 lower to be traded. My lower is brand new and your lower either needs to be brand new or of high quality. I don't want an AR10 in .243 either, I would prefer .308 or .338.


    NOTE: The lower for trade is not the one pictured, this is a generic image from the internet, so the S/N pictured isn't legitimate.

    EDIT: Just learned that pre-hysteria AR-10 lowers were going for a safe average of $200-250, while these lowers were going for a safe average of $120 (although they hit a low sale point of $89 at one point). Anyways, If the value makes sense and is clear, I'll trade this plus cash towards your AR-10 lower, but both are being valued at average sale price pre-hysteria.


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