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I've always liked the concept and Col. Jeff Cooper was a big proponent. So I was looking at Scout Rifles because, you know, guns, when I realized I already had one, my Gibbs #7 Jungle Carbine.

It's short & handy, holds ten rounds of .308 and has a slick action. (It's a 1962 Ishapore Mk. II & was manufactured in .308)
Because it's a repro of sorts, the rear sight is forward of the receiver on the barrel where it should be on a Scout.
Unfortunately I can't find a scope mount that will fit. At least not yet.

It's currently visiting Velzey for parkerizing and I redid the wood. I'm just waiting for it to come home at this point.

Anyway, post up pics of yours and give us the lowdown.



One short year ago, I had to have one of these. I removed the forward scope rail, and mounted my scope conventionally. I really liked the short barrel. Made for a very handy truck gun. For a hunting gun, I really don't care for a removable magazine. That, and the really gorgeous walnut stock, which I spent too much time babying, made me change my mind. This little rifle went down the road.

Notice also in the top photo, a 3 or 5 round magazine fits nearly flush.

Fast forward another year...
I still thought the scout concept was sound, so just a couple days ago I ordered another one. Call me fickle. The difference this time, I bought the same gun with a synthetic stock. I'm hoping it will work better for my needs.

It wont be here til Tuesday, but the actual rifle should look perzactly like this stock photo.:cool:
Don't have pics.

First was a Rem 788 in 308 that had some aftermarket sights. No scope. Bbl was 18". I learned that short barrels are nor nearly as handy for manuvering in the brush as a rifle with no scope. I also learned that open sights would have drops of water collect....rendering them less than useful.

Rem 7 in 7mm08. Loopy 1.5-5
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This was my baby. The .30-30 I finally built myself to be everything I wanted in a lever action .30-30. Short barrel, no barrel bands, good sights, long rail, cerakote and thinned our laminate stock. This was well before Marlin started building them like this...

Let a good customer talk me out of it just before I closed my shop. He asked my don’t want to sell it price and started peeling off Benjamins...

Have to build another eventually. But I do have it’s big brother in .45-70 right now.

The only thing I want was a variable power scout scope and it would’ve be perfect...

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