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My 2021 Klickitat Blacktail.

Deer 2021.jpg
Congratulations on a very nice looking deer!

I'm amazed that you were successful what with your lack of camo apparel:)!!!!!


Chuck Adams (who was a serious rifle hunter and photographer before and during his archery career beginnings) said something to this effect:

"A mature West Coast Blacktail buck is the most difficult trophy to obtain on the entire North American Continent."

I remember that whenever I am miserable chasing them.

Congratulations. I know you earned 'im.


Re camo--

I think many/most deer don't run just because a human is somewhere around. At least not in places where humans in the woods are common. If they did they would spend all their time and energy running and no time on the delicious pasture or lowland meadow or in our vegetable fields. If you watch videos of lions or other predators and herds of prey animals, the herds don't usually run just because a predator is there. They ignore feeding or sleeping predators and just run from predators who are actively hunting as well as close enough to be a threat.

An old timer once told me that the blacktail deer know the difference between a male human and a female, and will let females get closer because they know human females are much less likely to be hunters. He also said they know what a rifle is and will be less inclined to run and more inclined to let a man get close if he has no rifle.

If I'm walking around in the woods with a dog, I hardly see any deer. I figure they run immediately because they know the dog will smell them and can run faster than a human. But if I leave the dog home, the deer are everywhere. And they don't necessarily run, since I carry concealed, and hunt with a revolver, not a rifle. If I am hunting mushrooms or pretend I'm hunting mushrooms or foraging for something with head down not looking their way, making ordinary amounts of noise rather than sneaking, the deer may sneak up to within about 30 feet if there's a little cover. I guess they really like mushooms. And I am clearly not a hunter since I'm female, have no rifle, am not sneaking/stalking like a predator, and maybe have found enough shroomes for myself and them too. And hunting deer where there are shroomes is a good idea anyway. Shroomes go well with venison.

It would be interesting to have data on the relative success of hunters who are wearing camouflage or not. Its quite possible the deer have figured out that camo wearers, like rifle carriers, are more likely to be hunting them rather than minding their own business so should be run from a lot sooner.
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