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    Ok, I have been mulling this idea over and given the current concerns about the economy, etc., I thought it would be good to roll out here and for consideration:

    Area Mutual Support Groups

    Purpose: To facilitate and promote skills, materials and communications between individuals in a local area with the intent of a mutual response to a short or long term crisis.

    Organization: None beyond a phone list and a commitment to helping others and accepting other's help as needs be. No central leadership, no uniforms, no ranks, this is not a militia.

    Meetings: Gather once a month for a dinner and planning/training session. Individuals take turns to lead a session in an area of their experience/expertise or simply in something they have researched (if no-one has other training). Organizing to go as a group to CPR classes or other professional training would even be better.

    Activities: Camping trips, hikes, trips to the range, and so forth. Members who have can help those who do not. Better yet, trips to bulk food stores to stock up on supplies or other suppliers of emergency materials.

    Intent: To make sure that people in the same area are as possible, and to continually increase that preparedness. Additionally, to have contact capabilities between area members so that when the power lines go down and NWFA goes dead, we are not a bunch of individuals sitting alone in the dark. For those who would bug out, let's work together to make that a better possibility. For those who would have to bug in, let us make sure we can coordinate efforts to mutual support possible.

    To be clear, this is not militia training in the sense of small and large unit military training. This is neighbors banding together to help make our community ready if a disaster were to happen. Furthermore, this should all be fun!

    Anyone in Snohomish County who is interested, PM me. I think the best way to do this is to find out who is interested and start with a Meet and Greet.


    PS: I borrowed the above verbage from a post from TECHRES on the Indiana Gun Owners(INGO). I used it because he articulates very well what I think many are looking for. It's my understanding that they've had some success with MSGs since starting in 2008 ish.
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    Mutual assistance groups will be critical.
    There is a survival supply store in our area that hosts a get together once a month. We'll attend our first one this weekend. It's a good way to meet people in a neutral setting.

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