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    Hey there ya'll. I collect, study, design and build musical instruments as a hobby. But i don't play, so once i'm done studying, i haven't much use for the instruments i've collected.
    Up for trade:
    Takamine G-Series acoustic electric in ultra hard case - valued $250 & $100 respectively.

    Yamaha electric - valued $200, but i took it apart to study and haven't put it back together yet. If you want to take it as is, with all parts, i'd place it at half value.

    Oud, in need of repair, but absolutely beautiful - valued $60

    Appalachian mountain dulcimer, hand made, not by me - valued $150

    Russian balalaikas (2 prima size) - valued $50 each

    Ukrainian bass domra, shipped to me from the Ukraine, in need of repair - valued $150

    And a few other things i can't remember, haha.

    All these values are what i paid, or something close, but i'm not horribly firm on 'em. Just figure i won't use 'em, i'd like to get 'em to someone who can appreciate the culture behind 'em, and i'd like some different firearms.

    I think, for now, i'm mainly looking for something AR related - parts, nothing complete. I want to build one.
    Something in .357 for my mother.
    Something lever action.
    10/22 bits to make mine more interesting.
    Extra mags for a Ruger SR40.

    Definitely a fan of Ruger, but not horribly particular.

    I've got a few other things i'll be throwing up here, of various kinds, so keep your eyes out and tell your friends with too many firearms! Haha.
    Thanks, all.



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