Multiple long guns, including varmint rifles, from $85-$2500 each

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I live in Central Oregon, but am coming to the Portland/Salem area on 6/8/2011. My prices are pretty firm. There currently isn't really anything that I am looking for in a trade, but I am always willing to trade up in value if you see something of mine that really gets your interest.

As the law requires, I can only sell to someone whom I believe to be from the state of Oregon. I do not require ID checks or bills of sale. I am happy to do either of those if you need. I am legal to posess and sell my personal firearms.

I am not opposed to shipping out of state to your FFL.

If you are interested, feel free to shoot me a phone call or text message if you want: 541-306-1399


Sako 22-250 Ackley Improved Custom by Darrell Holland $2500 OBO
Sako Action, Hart Cryo-treated stainless 25" heavy barrel with Holland brake, Pillar Bedded with Canjar set-Trigger. Currently topped with a Leupold Vari X-III 6.5-20 (not included in the price, but negotiable). Also comes with a nicer metal and black plastic lockable, airline approved case that has the foam custom-cut for this rifle. This gun has not been fired since it left Holland's shop. This should be a VERY capable 700+ yard rifle for prairie dogs. My research indicates that people with a similar (but lower-quality setup) were able to get excellent 500 yard accuracy with regular 22-250 ammo! Darrell is an internationally reknowned gunsmith and long-range shooter out of the small town of Powers in SW Oregon. His website is: Holland's Gunsmithing & Shooters Supply He is usually very open to talking with you about any gun he has made. Ther serial # for this one is: 63695 His custom rifles start at $2795 and then you add-on from there. I believe that this one was about $3500.

T/C Pro-Hunter encore s/s and camo thumbhole stock and black rubber pistol grip, action and the two sets of front/rear grips only $425

Remington 742 6mm $400

Browning A-500G 12g semi-auto invector chokes, 28" barrel, ABSOLUTELY MINT $500
Belgium made, in excellent condition with 28" barrel that takes Invector chokes. Gun is gas operated and shoots 2 3/4" or 3" shells with a 14 3/8" LOP from trigger to stock. This gun doesn't even show minor handling marks. The left side of the stock has an switch lever (R-MC) that has a small scrach on it, so that's why I can't say its 99%. The barrel has a nice tall vent rib and it has 3 Browning Invector chokes included. The wood has a bright glossy finish with the round knob on the stock, this is a beautiful gun. I've never fired this gun but it has been shot at some point it appears as I didn't buy this gun new.

Ruger #1 220 swift $650
Custom barreled with a SUPER HEAVY 1-1/4" diameter 28" stainless barrel. Stock is in decent shape. A real shooter! Currently topped with a Simmons 6.5-20x40 that is available separately if you want it. Also, I have quite a bit of factory ammo for this rifle available for about 20% off what your best local store charges. I am pretty sure that I have dies also.

Remington Sportsman model 48 semi-auto 12 gauge $150
Decent condition with nice hand checkered forend, full choke 30" barrel 2-3/4" shells

Model 98 custom .35 Whelen $325
Stainless 24" barrel, rubberized hogue stock, polished silver action/trigger group/bolt (so it all mathces silver on black) A GREAT "brush gun" for elk, bear, moose or anything else.

Yugo SKS with bayonet, grendade launcher sigths and flash suppresor $300
SKS Yugo Rifle 7.62X39 This rifle from the former Yugoslavia is definitely not your garden variety Simonov rifle! In addition to the milled reciever, screwed in barrel, milled trigger group and under folding blade bayonet, this honey has an integeral NATO standard 22mm grenade launcher and flip up sight built right in! Not only does this particular rifle have a cool looking launcher, it also has flip up sights and a gas cut off button. Super reliable and easy to maintain, these rifles were manufactured over 50 years ago. Good condition 24 in. barrel with grenade launcher attachment, and comes with folding bayonet.

Savage model 24 22lr. over .410 $400
Good condition for age. Blued barrels look good without rust. Stock has multiple minor dings and scratches, but no cracks. Case hardened reciever.

Click on pic for more pics and bigger pics...

98 .35 whelen

T/C encore extra stock/action

Sako Holland Custom 22-250 AI

Ruger #1 220 swift

Remington Sportsman 12g

Beretta A-500g 12g

Yugoslavian SKS

Savage Model 24

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