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multiple anti gun bills @ committee hearing in Oly 1/21/16

Discussion in 'Firearm Legislation & Activism' started by shibbershabber, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. shibbershabber

    shibbershabber Vancouver Well-Known Member

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    The following bills will be discussed at a Judiciary Committee public hearing

    January 21, 2016. 1:30
    House Hearing Room A
    John L. O'Brien Bldg in Olympia

    Creates redundant laws punishing patents and gun owners when children access firearms.

    Creates "Extreme Risk Protection Orders"
    Gun owners will lose 2nd Amendment rights based on testimony of private citizens, angry relatives, disgruntled exs, etc.
    From what I've read, there no actual mental health professional review.

    Requires police to destroy confiscated weapons & prohibits their resale to wholesalers or via police auctions

    Allows local authorities to ban guns in public places like parks, etc. Also allows for bans on public transportation.
    Essentially eliminates your right to self defense anywhere outside your house.

    Changes the language of the law that previously legalized SBRs in WA. Fixes the previous bill that technically prohibited gun owners from "manufacturing" an SBR by adding stocks or fitting sbr ippers onto lower receivers. This language caused atf to deny thousands of applications.

    Spread the word, arrive early
    Go online & review procedures for testifying at public hearings. Prepare a written statement & provide copies for each member of the committee.

    Stay on point. Keep it to the guns and the facts.
    Avoid the "you dirty liberals" stuff. Not that it isn't valid, but people tune you out... Kind of like when a cop shoots someone and they cry racism... Half the population roll their eyes and don't pay attention anymore.

    We have facts and statistics on our side as well as common sense. Lets use it!

    If you aren't comfortable testifying, believe me they make it as uncomfortable as they can, then show your support outside with a well worded sign.
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  2. ZA_Survivalist

    ZA_Survivalist Oregon AK's all day.

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    All of those can be very dangerous in terms of our 2A rights and property.

    The Washington people need to hang those anti firearm tyrants.
  3. shibbershabber

    shibbershabber Vancouver Well-Known Member

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    Frivolous and open to abuse to down right dangerous!
    As if I'd ever get on Ctran without being armed!

    Oregonians take note. Hell why not send an email or make a call yourself. The faster we shut these bills down the better.

    You know damn well that in the next legislative session that whatever passes in WA will be ready to go in Oregon.

    Just like it did with the private sales ban.

    We can take nothing for granted in this climate. Whereas we would once laugh something off and assume it would never make it out of committee... Now it gets passed on regardless of merit.
    Governors wanting to make political statements will sign it because they don't care... because they'll get reelected anyway.

    That's the attitude. So we have to attack it asap before it gains any momentum.
  4. Camel

    Camel Sw wa New Member

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    Anyone know why there are so many anti 2a bills being proposed all of a sudden?
  5. shibbershabber

    shibbershabber Vancouver Well-Known Member

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    Because of their victory last election cycle, the victories in Oregon, rampant propaganda and and easily manipulated populace.