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    I go on a 2 day fishing trip and my landlord posted a notice on my door that said I to vacate by Sept 8th due to him selling the property. I know all about the legal stuff and this is not about that.

    I have a trip back east planned for this month and will be moving out in the next few days with no issue. The issue is that I have a Chocolate Lab that is about 10 years old (rescue). I need to find a temp home for him or even a permanent one. He has voice & hand command training, very good with kids (loves to play) and gets along excellent with other animals (cats and dogs, esp small dogs). He is house broken (but will get in the trashcan if he smells something he likes while you are sleeping).

    I had his care all taken care of here at the house with my brother in law but because of the move I have to find him a new home and with less than 6 days I can't find a rental that a large dog on short notice.

    I'll get some pics posted of him in the daylight on Sat.

    If you can host or place him give me a call 253-six six six-2971
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    Dang, I LOVE Choco-Labs!!... I'd host him for you until you got back, but my 2.5-yr. old resident White/Yellow-Lab is VERY territorial against other dogs, and I fear there would be blood in the streets. He almost killed a Jack Russel that came into our yard under the fence looking for a fight, and got WAY more than he bargained for... the only reason he lived was because the wife happened to be home and broke up the "fight".

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