Californians flee the hell hole they created and then promptly re-create the same kind of hell hole in OR and WA. Also they are taking their idiotic politics to Boise and other area which will likely soon be ruined also. Portland used to be a nice town with nice people. Today it is hell.
This kind of crap always baffles me. I just ask myself, why? Very irritating and dare I say it, selfish on so many levels.
Hands down your best source for understanding the insanity that are California gun laws, is going to be Calguns (others have already posted links). There's lots of info there.

Some things to note...

  • At the very top of the forum page are links to handgun ban flowchart, shotgun ban flowchart, and SemiAuto/AW Ban flowchart.
  • There's a board titled, "New to Calguns? Check here first." You should check there first. There are several useful posts there including a thread on "Moving to CA."
  • After that, give the search function a shot before you start asking questions
Your shotgun should be fine as long as it's a pump gun. But double check the shotgun flowchart

Your handguns are fine but the mags will need to either be left in WA or blocked/limited to 10 rounds. Currently CA has banned all magazines over 10 rounds. The good news, however, is that there is a pending court case, Duncan v Bonta, that is five years old at this point, has already been to SCOTUS, and was just remanded back down to the San Diego District Court for a ruling, following Bruen. It's highly likely that the high cap magazine ban will be overturned but we're going to have to wait for legal process to play out. We are, however, much closer to the end of the case than to the beginning. So you may want to leave your mags with a friend and then have your friend mail them to you once the case is settled. If you block them, they need to be "permanently blocked" but the law isn't very specific on what constitutes "permanent" blocking.

Do be aware that CA has a ridiculous handgun roster which severely limits what we can legally buy here. There's a legal case on that one too. It is, however, perfectly legal for you bring whatever handguns you currently own, with you when you move here. My advice is that if there is any handgun you want...or think you will it now before you move (assuming it's not on the roster). Also understand that you can still buy off roster handguns here but this can only be done as a private party transfer (meaning buying used guns from a private party, not a dealer). And the cost for these guns is usually a whole lot more than normal retail. Note that just about any off roster gun you bring with you can be sold here for more than you originally bought it...sometimes a LOT more. Calguns has a classified section and you can see what guns are selling for.

Your AR and AK...There are some AR's/AK's that have been banned by specific name. These are generally older models that were specifically called out in the original AWB bill, years ago. Assuming your guns are NOT one of those named guns, you can bring them, but you're going to have to turn them into fixed magazine gun. There should be info on what is required on Calguns. And there's a legal case on this one too. Your 30 round magazines are obviously no bueno at the moment. My belief is that California AWB law will ultimately fall. If it were me, I'd go through the BS of converting the guns to fixed magazine, and then unfix them when the law gets opposed to selling them and buying new guns later. This assumes your guns are not one of the guns banned by name.

I hope that helps a little. If you have more questions I'll do my best to answer them. :)
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Sell everything, buy bolt guns and revolvers.
I agree with what COOP44 said.

Disclaimer: I have NEVER been to CA for a visit or lived there.

I did want to visit some places in CA but I have not done that and most likely I will not now.

My MT husband will NOT travel to some places now even though he did in the past.
He has traveled to CA a few times (Young kid and as a young adult.) and had some family and friends who moved there a LONG time ago too. One of them was a SUPER liberal and ANTI GUN sister who married a super liberal man who she later divorced. I gather that she lives in another famous western state now too.

I know and knew some very NICE gun people who lived there years ago and some who moved away too. Some of them were born there too. Nam era USN friends on ship with my late husband. They served in Nam and all around the world with him too. GOOD men!

One of my late 'Aunt' Catherine's law partners in her old firm had a couple of kids who moved to CA. One of them worked for some famous producer too.

There are GOOD and bad people in ALL states and ALL around the world. I believe that. I always believed that.

The people that I knew YEARS AGO through other friends from the early 70's and on including some of their own family members MOVED TO CA to make GOOD MONEY from other states. They did not just move there for the GOOD WEATHER. Those people lived on the East Coast and in the Great Lakes region.

I knew some CA gun buddies from other forums too. Some of them did join the Cal Gun one but most of them were from LONG GONE old boards, groups and forums.

Anyway, IF I was the OP, I would SELL it ALL or only buy bolt action rifles, some lever action rifles and some d/a or s/a revolvers if I was that man.

I did know a man (Veteran.) who is now DEAD who lived in CA. He was into knives and, believe it or not, when he was ALIVE - CA did ALLOW larger/longer blades on some knives. OPEN CARRY - it was allowed.

I do NOT know if this is still LEGAL or NOT in CA but all of us and even some other CA people on some of those KNIFE boards did NOT KNOW how 'free' CA was for some KNIVES and some KNIFE LENGTHS. Plus for OPEN CARRY!

I would NOT have been walking or (MC) driving around as he did with some of his knives in some places BUT he did. I would with other FIXED BLADE knives of MINE but not 'some' of HIS knives which were LEGAL in all ways. I figure to each their own! May he rest in peace.

Best wishes to the OP in all ways.

PS: Most of the people that I know/knew ONLINE who earned BIG MONEY in CA stayed there in CA and talk about moving (Especially on some gun boards that I still read but VERY rarely now.) but they are still TALKING ABOUT IT from the late 90's and on. ALL TALK AND NO ACTION. They LOVE the MONEY and they LOVE the weather! They must still love all of the good things - MONEY and weather and ? and they can ignore the BAD things.

The others who made BIG MONEY may have moved to other states and used their money to buy places and a LOT of them did out bid other people in those states.

Free country and all as the saying goes.

The ORDINARY - middle class people in some of those states complained about the CA people but they had their HANDS WIDE OPEN to TAKE and ACCEPT THE BIG CA MONEY especially when they had BIDDING WARS for some properties in MANY states ALL ACROSS THIS NATION! NOT just in the western states or where the DEMAND is more in very specific areas but ALL ACROSS this nation.
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California is a beautiful state with lots to do and see, good luck.
I always wanted to visit the BIG SUR area and several other places in CA.

One of my late husband's CA USN Nam buddies was from NORTHERN CA and he showed us pictures of his home area. BEAUTIFUL!

The Utah sailor (Best man at our wedding.) and CA sailors could not make the one D.C. trip to the Nam Memorial, etc. one year many moons ago. Long before my late husband's cancer discovery. We were back in MD visiting some of my tiny family that was still alive and that still lived there and some of my old friends. Anyway, we were going to make another reunion with the CA guys and old RB from Utah. It never happened.

My born and raised Montana husband said that there are MANY, many BEAUTIFUL places in CA just as there are all over this country! He just can't stand their politics.

I do NOT know if this is still LEGAL or NOT in CA but all of us and even some other CA people on some of those KNIFE boards did NOT KNOW how 'free' CA was for some KNIVES and some KNIFE LENGTHS. Plus for OPEN CARRY!

I would NOT have been walking or (MC) driving around as he did with some of his knives in some places BUT he did. I would with other FIXED BLADE knives of MINE but not 'some' of HIS knives which were LEGAL in all ways.
California treats concealed fixed-blade knives as 'dirks or daggers' and makes it a felony to carry that way.

State law does not generally care about blade lengths.

See also my Calguns thread:




Aloha, Mark
Californians flee the hell hole they created and then promptly re-create the same kind of hell hole in OR and WA.
Over-generalization. Jay Inslee and Bob Ferguson (as contemporary examples) were both born in Seattle, they didn't have to be California imports to be anus politicians.

Think about it, surely some portion of the Californians leaving the state are doing so for the same reasons we don't want to move there.

The ORDINARY - middle class people in some of those states complained about the CA people but they had their HANDS WIDE OPEN to TAKE and ACCEPT THE BIG CA MONEY especially when they had BIDDING WARS for some properties in MANY states ALL ACROSS THIS NATION! NOT just in the western states or where the DEMAND is more in very specific areas but ALL ACROSS this nation.
Amen sister, the locals selling property to California refugees smiled all the way to the bank. Yes, some locals get PO'd that they don't have as much money as some other people, including other locals who are already property owners. There will always be haves and have nots, a simple fact of life the people pushing for social equity cannot understand.
Californians flee the hell hole they created and then promptly re-create the same kind of hell hole in OR and WA. Also they are taking their idiotic politics to Boise and other area which will likely soon be ruined also. Portland used to be a nice town with nice people. Today it is hell.
If I find out that someone is a California liberal/progressive transplant I just call them Necromongers, tell em to go home and I walk away. There’s no use talking to these people because they just don’t give a bubblegum if they are ruining peoples cities, counties, states and lives.
WARNING: This may too long for some people to read. SCROLL ON BY! Since this was brought up - I will say this all over again here in THIS thread.

I do not like it when someone comes into an area and wants to change it from a to z.

They LEFT their s hole to come to a NICE AREA so they want to turn that into another s hole that they just left. WHY not clean up your own LOCAL area and state and NOT let it become a s hole or FIX IT if it already is a s hole?! That would make too much sense, eh?

So I do agree with some people but with that SAID... I give every single person a chance and I HONESTLY DO TRY to NOT fit some people into a BOX just because of what they LOOK LIKE or WHERE THEY COME FROM. Etc! I judge them on WHO they are and what they do stand for as a good, honest, hard working, and clean person.

Right now, the bums, transients, CRIMINAL TRANSIENTS, other CRIMINALS that NEVER EVER GET CAUGHT or punished if they DO (!) get caught, so called 'homeless', dope addicts, drunks, x, y and z SPECIAL RIGHTS person on whatever they IDENTIFY AS from one day to the next, the littering criminals, the PIGS WHO urinate and take a dump on the street or in any other area, etc. seem to have MORE RIGHTS than the working and retired tax paying, CLEAN and HONEST people like most of us are in the MIDDLE CLASS and up.

This happens in Montana and all across this nation. But some small towns DO FIGHT BACK and so do some other areas. Unfortunately, the FAR LEFT and the Right so called do gooders that ONLY GIVE OUT 24/7 for YEARS ON END and THEY do not teach a man how to fish but GIVE HIM FISH non stop are hurting this state and nation. Some people will always be on the look out for a hand out and NOT A HAND UP.

Some people do NEED more help than others. LOW IQ PEOPLE - feeble or whatever.

Back to the original thought now, the criminal TRANSIENT PIGS THINK that they don't have to obey traffic laws, leash laws, littering, assault, theft, etc. laws while they and their vicious/loose/nasty dogs run loose.

The owners act like ANIMALS and their animals - well they are feral - dumped dogs or so called domesticated (NOT!) pets.

I have seen this in my county and some of them were/are from CA, WA state, OR, etc. Some of them were and are born and raised MT people. MOST of the homeless here are NOT from Montana to begin with. But they come here for the free s army crapola and for the bleeding heart liberals that want the MIDDLE CLASS to pay for the LAZY or liars on WHY they are 'homeless'. What a JOKE. THIS CRAPOLA is spreading like the wildfires that so many arsonists started and not just careless/stupid campers or LIGHTNING STRIKES!

What I find really interesting is this. SOME THINGS never do change - I have seen this UP close and personal due to my political watching and actually paying ATTENTION to all sides. They/politicians ALL talk a bs game of politics and want your OPINIONS so you give them to them in a NICE, polite, informed, etc. manner.

YOU would be shocked, not really, on how much the ones who talk a BIG BS GAME who 'want' your opinions do NOT really want them or bother to answer you in THIS COUNTY and it is pathetic. And not just from the outsiders/transplants AND native Montanans who were for that one last BIG cluster eff with the city council and our GUN ISSUES but with higher taxes and more.

The former R AG in MT effed up big time in gun rights and so forth. HE DID NOT DEAL WITH THE CITY COUNCIL and tell them to shove it. OLD NEWS. That VOTE that we had that should NEVER EVEN BEEN ON A BALLOT since it was AGAINST the MT Constitution and the SECOND AMENDMENT could have gone the OTHER WAY EASILY. WE could have lost and ended up being OR, WA, CA, etc. in some LOCAL AREAS which would BLEED over to counties and many other counties when it came to GUN issues from a to z.

WITH all of the transplants (I am one myself - 20 years now.) and OLD hippies (Ugh!) in MT and even some MT born and raised people who ARE anti gun and fairly LIBERAL including some so called 'conservatives' (LOL) in this state and how it has even changed in the 20 years NOW that I have been here... nothing would shock me.

And with the Rs IN OFFICE who want to TELL YOU as an individual what you can or can't do with your own body and more bs even with private property rights... I do NOT trust the so called R party and have NOT for some time. I trust them more in some things but NOT in all things compared to the D party especially in GUN RIGHTS. I absolutely do not trust ANY DEM from what I have seen since I was 12 years old and on paying attention!

The so called R party left me. OLD news. Until the R party goes back to their OLD WAYS and I mean old like in Ike's time - I am DONE WITH THEM.

Heck, in this state and especially since they TOOK AWAY the old way of doing things that I DO REMEMBER YEARS AGO, they did not even let a Libertarian debate. This goes for NATIONAL debates and so forth in other states too.

I detest the jokers who are NO LONGER FISCAL CONSERVATIVES, the ones who KISS @@@ with their cult leaders, the ones who constantly make EXCUSES for their former/present leaders and they are JUST AS BAD AS THE LEFT, the ones who CAVE IN to the FAR LEFT in many issues, the ones who claim that they 'hunt' or own guns but let the FAR LEFT or leaning left control the cities, college towns and it has seeped into the SMALL TOWNS and rural areas when it comes to GUN ISSUES, fiscal responsibility, etc. When you have only one elected MAN in this state who stood up against the bs 'war' and MONEY LAUNDERING PIGS stateside (R/D) and overseas... that is pretty pathetic.

THE STATE (Counties/cities/rural areas.) IS SQUEEZING OUT the middle class, what is LEFT OF IT, and senior citizens. More and more taxes. The dudes who are running the state are okay with some things but NOT all of them. They are transplants and wealthy. Most of them are. SOME are from HERE but that does not mean JACK SQUAT in many issues too.

There is a LOT of the old boys club = rich and powerful people IN the R and D party in this state. A LOT OF THEM are crooks too. BUT since they have people who 'think' that they are okay since some of them do have a R INITIAL by their name or some endorsement from their CULT leader... they may win. The other side has a FAR LEFT side in gun rights. EFF them too!

They did have a woman CANDIDATE (UGH!) who even lied or OMITTED in a special way about her dead husband's job/record. He was basically a life long .gov employee who never held or hardly held (?) another job from any other source other than .GOV from what I could tell. He and his second (?) or third wife promoted the a, b, c whatever in their rights. Wedding pictures of a son or whatever he identified as. That is fine IF they were proud of their son. To each their own. BUT she sure concentrated on ANTI GUN ISSUES and the ALPHABET SEX ISSUE more than other issues as a CANDIDATE. FULL BLOWN ON DEM TALK.

Non stop yet she posed really well in her pictures! LOL

That woman's husband was NOT a Vietnam Veteran. He did work for the .gov but he was NO sailor, soldier, airman, etc. HE WAS NOT A MEDIC OR CORSPMAN or jack squat yet 'she' and others made it sound like it.
BUT the DEMS let it go in another election in the past. (Just like they did for a current CT lying politician/man on his service RECORD.) I see that this long time, former candidate - woman is in another .gov job now. I did a LOT of research on that anti gun candidate years ago. A neighbor (D.) had a sign up for her and they actually BELIEVED the anti gun bs from the candidate and our now DEAD FAR LEFT FORMER MAYOR too. SHE POSED WITH HER GUN and claimed that she hunts. BIG into hunting supposedly. Maybe she did hunt. Who cares? What she was in gun rights was a JOKE. The RKBA is not about hunting or walking with a gun in the woods/wilderness or all of that TALK.

Heck, I don't hunt and I have nothing against it but I do not claim that I DO hunt and go for ANTI GUN BS IN ANY CAMPAIGN!

That former FEMALE candidate did NOT TOUCH conceal/open carry ISSUES of handguns and would not even DISCUSS SELF DEFENSE ISSUES especially since the MT Supreme Court IS liberal and has been for some time. Plus you do have a LOT of county/city leaders who really are NOT on the side of many who do believe in self defense. They rule on the side of the CRIMINAL in MY opinion more and more and this has been proven in past court cases that I have followed in GREAT DETAIL.

THAT FEMALE CANDIDATE was for ALL OF THE DEMS IDEAS when it came to BANS, RESTRICTIONS, NEW LAWS, NO GRANDFATHERING IN, ETC. when it came to specific rifles - especially AR TYPES but others were IN that group, handguns, shotguns, magazine limits, etc. This was when the OTHER DEM GOVERNOR was in office and even when he was running for PREZ of the USA. He was a big fat LIAR and it was proven right after he got elected as governor the second time. HE CAME OUT BIG TIME as an anti gunner - the complete DEMOCRAT MANIFESTO OF GUN ISSUES and NEW LAWS/BANS from a to z right after or within 1 year (NO lie!) AFTER HE GOT ELECTED THE SECOND TIME!

Disclaimer: I am a senior citizen, retired, middle class, worked my @@@ off for my entire life and worked smart, widowed at 51 years old, not a trust fund baby, remarried several years down the road from being a widow, a BIG fiscal conservative, libertarian in many things, pro RKBA, etc. I have been politically active since I was 12 years old too.

So when I say that the local government (IN and OUT of this state.), the state government AND the federal government are out to SCREW the working and retired middle class in all ways when it comes to YOUR MONEY - higher RE taxes and higher income taxes, screw you with your own individual rights when it comes to your own health - your BODY (YOUR choice and it is NONE of the state or FED'S BUSINESS!) and not their body, your RKBA rights from a to z even if you do not own a gun but own a knife, your LACK of protection from the crazy FAR LEFT and FAR RIGHT criminal element since many of them want to defund the police or send you to jail if you did have to defend your life, your family and home, etc. - I am dead serious.

Plus LAST WEEK it was announced that the top man who is supposed to protect the MT elections put in his resignation which will take effect the DAY BEFORE the MT election. NOVEMBER 7, 2022! NO s! I am not kidding you.

Montana's Commissioner of Political Practices announced on social media Monday that he will be retiring before his term ends, stepping down just before Election Day.

In a short message posted to Twitter, Jeff Mangan thanked his staff and noted that his early departure from the role would come shortly before his six-year term is set to expire in 2023.

Not since Dennis Unsworth's departure at the end of 2010 has anyone served out a full term as commissioner.

MORE on the link.

Plus not ONE as in 1 R or D would give ME and/or others on what happened and WHY some MT counties stopped counting ballots in 2 to 3 specific counties a few years ago. THE NEWS even the local news hardly discussed this or investigated this.

Anyway, you have good transplants and bad transplants. There are good and bad people in ALL states and in ALL countries.

What is really funny is this: I am FAR more conservative and libertarian in my OWN BELIEF SYSTEM and especially IN GUN RIGHTS, private property rights, FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY, etc.

I do NOT believe that the state or the feds should force 'SHOTS' on people any more than I think that they should tell me what the H that I should do with my body if I was raped or carrying a baby if it is a life/death matter for me if I was a mother or in DYING of a terrible disease and the 'religious or non religious' NUT JOBS want to force 'machines' on me just to keep me alive when I am NO MORE THAN A VEGETABLE in a shell of skin.

STAY AWAY from my body and stay away from my RKBA issue. STAY away from my wallet and bank account as much as you should ethically do.

It seems that the Republicans and the Democrats can't understand that they have NO SAY in simple and clearly defined RKBA issues and in an individual's right to DETERMINE how they live or die.

Yes, my MT husband told me that I am far more conservative and libertarian that most of the people in this state. Apparently, this is not just a MT issue. There are too many people on the FAR LEFT and on the FAR RIGHT that can't seem to get their act together when it comes to simple matters and SANE and rational thinking.

They seem to give more of a rat's @@@ when it comes to some countries than their own country. Or the transplants seem to want to turn their latest home into some FAR LEFT or FAR RIGHT piece of dung land.

Old Lady Cate
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