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Moving overseas and need to sell off everything in my basement

Discussion in 'Non-Firearm Item Classifieds' started by Minisocks, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. Minisocks

    Minisocks Portland Member

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    My wife and I are planning on moving overseas—it's work related so we expect to be back eventually but we'll likely be overseas for a few years, at least—and taking all of our stuff is unrealistic and prohibitively expensive. Our basement is full of things we don't use anymore and, frankly, if we haven't used an item—or even unpacked it—in over a year we probably don't need it. I have some prices in mind for a few items and the rest are trade—to conform with board rules—or "make me an offer".

    What I'm looking for in terms of trades:
    • Lever actions, prefer something in .357/.38
    • Shotguns: over/under, coachgun, or a saiga
    • Lee Enfield, preferably a Long Branch
    • Mauser K98
    • Springfield 1903
    • Or any firearms from WWII-ish.
    • An AR

    If anyone is wondering why I want to trade for firearms while going overseas, I can take a few necessary pieces with me (a good over/under for example) but I can also store the remainder with my in-laws till we return.

    So, without further ado, the photos for all of the listed items can be found here.

    List of items for sale (category headings are clickable links that take you to my gallery):

    • 1998 VW New Beetle, 2.0L, Silver, Manual, ~186K miles. $4500 OBO. The only thing on the list I can't take a gun in trade for because it is my wife's.

    • Desert scope
    • Rossignol Skis
    • K2 Skis
    • Uhaul brand trailer mirror (still in package)
    • Sportcraft EX600 Elliptical Crosstrainer - I don't have a photo of this one as it is dismantled for storage but it looked like this photo

    Computer Hardware
    • Vintage Mac SE/30 with 1gig hard drive and a buttload of software and accessories.
    • Apple IIE (no seriously, even comes with some software and it works)
    • Linksys routers including: 1 Wireless B Access Point, 1 VOIP Broadband Router, 3 Routers
    • Keyboards, headsets, joysticks, networking hardware.

    • A bunch of handhelds. I don't know who would want this but apparently palm devices still have use? So have at it.
    • Yamaha YPP-55 keyboard. $400 OBO
    • Samsung Blu-ray (have a PS3 now, don't need two blu-rays)
    • Pioneer CD system
    • Texas Instruments TI-83, TI-30x. $80 and $20 OBO respectively.
    • Samsung Cellphone (we use it when traveling abroad)
    • XM Radio

    Video Games
    • PC games: Elite plus, civilization, xcom, wing commander, star flight, darklands, microsoft flight simulator 1.0 (seriously), lemmings, planet's edge, uridium, platoon, sargon, vette, indy, simcity, dungeon keeper, microleague baseball, hero quest.
    • Console games: pink & blue gameboy advances, madcatz arcade stick, game gear with sonic, dreamcast system, gamecube (silver) with GBA player and 4 controllers, SNES mortal kombat, SNES Final fantasy 3, SNES mario world, some PS2, gamecube and xbox 360 games, xeno gears, final fantasy ix.

    Vintage Awesomeness
    • Spencer Delineascope. Just go here to check it out. Would like to get ~$200 OBO

    • Table lamps
    • Avocado Green Kitchen-aid. I'd like to get ~$150 OBO
    • Food Processor
    • Wine Preserver
    • Some tea pots

    • Omega D5XL 4x5 Enlarger, lamphouse, and floor stand. This makes me sad to get rid of because it took me a while to get all of the components together and it makes amazing prints. This particular set up, if purchased through adorama, would be about $4000 and they have none in stock (and haven't for ages). I don't expect to get that price, of course, but this setup is pretty sweet.
    • Beseler 4x5 Enlarger with color and b&w lamphouse + cooler.
    • Vivitar Tabletop Enlarger
    • Tilting floor enlarger of some unknown variety that is super old and really awesome (I have alot of darkroom stuff)
    • Color print water temperature regulator
    • Big and medium print dryer
    • Tons of darkroom gear
    • 3 slide projectors
    • Dukane A-V Matic Slide Strip Player with film and cassette tape. This thing is trippy. Also you can view negatives in it which is what I used it for.
    • Speaking of negatives, there's a GIGANTIC light table.
    • Polaroid Spectra AF

    • Radio Controller Tiger tank (it shoots airsoft BBs!)
    • Two transformers
    • a 12 inch GI-joe
    • some other action figures
    • some warhammer space marines
    • clix toys
    • star wars toys
    • collectible cards
    • a bunch of tabletop gaming books including ad&d, space marine, and mechwarrior

    • A whole bunch of pen blanks

    Again, all of the listed items can be found here.
  2. Poonaner

    Poonaner Olympia, WA Member

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    Can you email me some pics of the kitchen aid, transformers and star wars stuff? I'll pm you my email.
  3. Minisocks

    Minisocks Portland Member

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    The photos for all of the listed items can be found here.
  4. jp1985

    jp1985 Linn County, Oregon Active Member

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    how much are you asking for the SNES final fantasy 3?


  5. Minisocks

    Minisocks Portland Member

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    I checked Worth Monkey and it spat out $37 which seems reasonable to me.
  6. Minisocks

    Minisocks Portland Member

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