Mountain House Freeze dried food #10 cans-the epicenter 25% off

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    I picked up some cans about a year or so ago from these guys out of Eugene...came packed great-no dented cans! They seem to know what they are talking about when I called for some specific answers. This stuff keeps for at around 25 years, depending on the type...Jdub

    We have just received a large shipment of Mountain House #10 Cans from the manufacturer, and we have been authorized to published a SPECIAL Mountain House #10 Can Sale!

    25% OFF FULL CASES (6 of the same item)

    We will offer FREE SHIPPING ON MOUNTAIN HOUSE CANS* during this two-week sale period only.

    Sale prices will be published on our website and available only during the authorized sale period. Our sale period is scheduled to run from Monday, July 2, 2012, through Friday, July 13, 2012.

    *No advance orders will be accepted. Any orders received prior to or after this sale period will be at full retail with shipping charges. This free shipping offer applies ONLY to the Mountain House #10 Cans.

    So, join us for this EXPLOSION of SAVINGS during our two-week Mountain House #10 Can sale!
    Epicenter Supplies LLC
    384 Wallis Street #2
    Eugene, OR 97402
    Tel 541-684-0717

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