WTS/WTT OR Mountain Hardware Trango 2.1 tent & Arcteryx Bora 80 pack

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    The simple truth is that I'm not getting out to mountain climb like I used to and my gear isn't getting used. Sooo....

    Up for trade is a Mountain Hardware Trango 2.1 with the optional ground cloth. New at REI and amazon the tent is $599 and the ground cloth is an additional $75. This is a premium mountaineering 4season tent and will handle any weather condition with ease. I only used it a total of 4 nights in the last 3 years and it is in perfect condition.

    The pack again is in very good condition for a premium mountaineering pack. Over $400 when purc php2g1bvE_IMG_2619.jpg KLIMBINGKING-260111-043922.JPG 2943599002_g.jpg hased new, medium frame 80 liter pack. I am the 2nd owner of the pack.

    I'm wanting to trade one or both for something interesting that goes bang from the back of your safe of similar value. Total new price in the $1200.00 range for this start to the ultimate bugout bag. Make any offer for one or both pieces
    I'm thinking in the $450.00 trade value range.
    I'm interested in a variety of things and don't want to let these sit in my garage unused.
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