Moto Droid 1, Rooted if you want it to be $175

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    My wife was lucky enough to get a new Droid Pro for Christmas, so her Droid 1 is up for sale. This is used of course, for about 10 months. It has always had a screen protector on it, as well as a full hard case, (seen in picture) Also, when looking at the pictures, please keep in mind the screen still has a screen protector installed, so the little scratches you see are on the protector, and not the screen itself.
    The phone itself is flawless and in pristine condition. The case shows some signs of wear as would be expected. You can have the case if you want it, but I would understand if you dont.... it is pink after all. The phone is fully updated and running the most current version of Android. It has Flash installed and is fully functional.
    The phone comes with:
    Pink Seidio case
    Car Charger
    Wall Charger
    2 GB Micro SD card
    Brand new, in the package, screen protector. ( I am leaving the existing one on)

    Lastly, if you want it ROOTED.... just let me know. The price includes rooting the phone, if you DONT WANT it rooted, I will sell it for $150 but it is SOO worth it. What does rooting get you??? It allows you to run the phone faster than stock so it is more responsive, it allows you more control of the phone and to run apps that you wouldn't otherwise be able to run. But most of all, it turns your phone into a WIFI HOTSPOT!
    Best of all, you wont have to pay the "Hotspot" fee that VZ charges on the newer phones that have this feature enabled from the factory.

    I live in Molalla, but can meet this weekend in Oregon City. Or during the work week, I can meet anywhere in Clackamas, or anywhere on McGloughlin BLVD.

    Please PM with any questions. Thanks!

    Pictures found here:
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