No this isn't a thread about your experiences with Fireball whisky. You can start that on your own.

As a kid I remember pounding a wad of matchstick heads wrapped in foil with a hammer for a "bang".
My kids frequently repurposed piccolo pete's into fire crackers.
However, my most memorable bang was the time I experimented with a cherry bomb packed in flour.

I wondered if you could spread out the flour enough so it would ignite like it does when granaries go up.

In the middle of a large dirt field we placed a large non metal container (no top) with flour and the "device" using a very long fuse.

It went of with a bang then a bigger Wump that rattled windows a fair ways away and the fireball was massive. Yup granery fires are a thing.
I am glad we took mythbuster's like precautions and didn't risk anything. Now I'm wondering if tannerite in a dryer full of flour would go off? Nah, just kidding.

If you do decide to blow up a dryer, please haul it and all the garbage away.

Stay safe (and legal) out there. :s0149:🎃

Long ago, at least a decade past any statute of limitations, my buddy and I had a lot of fun making big firecrackers. Goes bang, bright flash, everyone smiles...nothing new. So, we got creative. Rigged up a remote igniter, basically some speaker wire, with a sliver of steel wool going between the wire ends, touch a 9 volt to it, instant burn. Bury one of these heavy crackers about a foot and a half down, packed in well. Magic, big plume of dirt in a mini mushroom cloud

Really wish crackers were still legal here, it'd be fun to do again. Wonder what it takes to get a recreational kaboom license...
when you could light off actual fireworks in seattle. than the day after you go collect the duds and take the gun powder out. and your little brother tried to light it but cant get it so he leans in and it finally sparks and he has the smell of burnt hair coming off his forehead after the flash
'Back in the day', when I lived in Southern California, I was the Vice-President of a muzzle-loading cannon group called the San Diego Cannoneers. We used to restore and fire (blanks mostly) old cannon. For a time we had access to two American Civil War era 12 pounder Napoleon guns. If you want to talk about fireballs, just light off one of those with a full charge!
Metal shop in 7th grade. Mr Jones was going around and showing all of machines that could be use various tasks. After the we demonstrated the oxygen/acetylene torch. He had soupy water in some kind of cylinder thing and put an unlighted torch in soapy water for a while. He then lit the torch when he put it in the soapy water it went kaboom.

Mr. Jones had cotton in his ears but non of the students had any.

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