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I've been sprayed by the police and I've been bear sprayed.. There's really no comparison. I would take the police officers mase 50x over the BS again. I was sprayed by some random dude who tapped my shoulder and as I turned around I was engulfed in this smokey mist. The can wasn't more then 2 feet from my face when he pulled the trigger, the burning began almost instantly. My flight instinct kicked in and I just booked it down hill through these thorn bushes and thick brush. I could barely see but I did see the dude pursuing me, most likely to try and Rob me. So I just kept running until I got to a busier area. My face and eyes burned for 2 or 3 hours. The smell stuck in my nasal cavity for a few days. The scariest part was I never heard of bear spray prior to this...I totally thought some sick bubblegum made some potion and chose me to use it on. I've come to learn that it's a very popular weapon of choice amongst a certain element(pussies) of half way gangsters. Never would of thought that a bunch or grown bubblegum dudes would be prancing around trying to mase each other. I was really hoping the Chinese star become utilized in street combat more often. But back to comparing what police use and bear spray...not remotely close in my experience
You're not wrong, but the size of bear spray cans I have seen aren't practical for regular carry.

I wanted to purchase a Byrna or Kimber Pepper Blaster for EDC and for our farmers market booths.

My reading of the law says these are banned in Portland.

14A.60.030 Tear Gas and Stun Guns.

We went with Sabre Red instead.

Sabre sells inert spray to be used for testing the mechanism and spray pattern without having to deploy actual OC.
Unless I overlooked it, I saw no mention of Sudecon Decontamination Wipes mentioned.

Get pepper sprayed and you'll be ever so grateful....

They work 'almost' immediately.
Mentioned before but will mention it here again since more are asking about spray.

This company is not as easy to buy from but, the stuff they make is not even on the same league as OC. They also sell stuff to de-con the people you spray. LEO's in most departments have to certify with OC by being sprayed and then performing some tasks. They do this to let them see what its like if they get spayed and have to be able to not be taken down. I spoke with some LEO's who because they had learned to pass after OC, thought this stuff would be the same. To a person they could not pass. This stuff made them unable to keep doing the things they have to do to pass. I thought it was hype until then. The Co makes you jump through some hoops to buy from them but, this stuff will actually work and work VERY well.

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