Mossberg MVP feedback?

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by guitarguy, Feb 18, 2014.

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    Who has one and how do you like it?
    On an impulse, I just bought a new Patrol model (at Keith's) with the 16 inch barrel and an A2 flash hider. Chambered for 5.56 Nato not just .223 rem.
    No idea why, it just looked and felt great.
    I am concerned that the Length of Pull is only 13.25 inches and I am used to about 14.5.
    I have talked to a couple guys who have them but no one who is shooting one.
    Any thoughts?
  2. jluck

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    Just looked at one today, Scoped model (27731). If I didn't already have one new gun in the car I probably would have taken it home.... It is still on my mind!
  3. Mark W.

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    My son has the 24" fluted barrel version and they are all .223/5.56mm his is a tack driver and when used with 10rd steel magazines it functions perfectly (he has not used any P Mags) long mags tend to have a lot of leverage in the well and can be pushed slightly out of alignment.

    As to accuracy with our hand loads he can shoot dime to nickel sized groups from the bench with 55gr FMJs and 55gr hornady SP SX varmit slugs.

    He put a Mueller 4.5-14X 40mm APT AO scope 30mm tube this has a Mil Dot reticle I think its being discontinued though Midway still has them,
  4. gaijinsamurai

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    On another forum, I read a post by a person who likes his. However, he was having accuracy issues when shooting ammo with heavier than 55 grain bullets, which could be explained by the barrell's 1:9 twist rifling.
  5. ktd


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    I like the format, I got it to be a cheaper to shoot version of my Remington 308 . It saved me some money because I did not have to change out the stock or trigger and it comes with scope bases and as is matches my 308 close enough.

    Mine took a couple hundred rounds to break in the barrel and now shoots .5-1.0 moa. It does not like heavier heads, but I only shoot it 100 yards and the 52 grainers are cheaper anyway so it does not bother me. My friend's mvp shoots heavy stuff better. I might try again now that its broken in, I've recently noticed factory 55 fmj shoots better now too. I did not really care about the ar mag thing, but now I find it convenient for handling on a bench. Easier to make safe and such. The bolt rattles a bit cycling but the little feed widget works good, it is about as reliable as anything else. Basically they took a somewhat chintzy design and re engineered it and packaged it just right at a very good price.

    It's now one of my favourite rigs.
  6. mjbskwim

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    I've only put maybe 20 rounds thru mine but seems pretty accurate so far with whatever I find to try.I put one of the Nikon 223 scopes on top.
    Heck the thing is like carrying a big 22lr around. Just a little bigger than most 22 bolt guns.
    The reason I got it was a friend said to take a bolt gun with me for prairie dogs cause you go thru buccu mucho ammo with an AR
    Now another friend bought a Mossberg AR barrel that the chamber isn't drilled out enough,so quality may be inconsistent.
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