WTS OR Mossberg 151-M 22 Rifle**Price Drop--$175**

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by BigDMac, Oct 25, 2014.

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    SOLD Thanks, I hope you enjoy it. Liked meeting the whole family o_O

    I have a 22 rifle that I bought at a gun show last year. It was purchased for my wife but she feels that it is too heavy so has never even fired it once by us. I found a lighter model Stevens and now she is happy.

    So the details are as follows, or as near as I can tell:

    22 semi-auto
    tubular feed
    capacity 15 LR (not sure how many it would hold for longs or shorts)
    Mannlicher (spelling??) stock
    has sling mounts but no rings (cheapest I found was about $60 for a set online)
    seems to be drilled and tapped for for some kind of scope mount and/or additional rear sight
    front sights fold to side and it is missing its sight hood

    I live in Jewell and work in Hillsboro. Can do FTF from Seaside on weekends or Beaverton/Hillsboro area before or after work (8-5). Oregon buyers only with proof.

    Asking $200 obo.

    Mossberg 151M 22lr1.JPG

    Mossberg 151M 22lr2.JPG

    Mossberg 151M 22lr3.JPG
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