Moss 500 stk(taken) Pacific 38spl dies & 308 parts dies gun locks and scope cover

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  1. blankman

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    I was actually going to pay these forward, and am still willing to do so. but got to thinking If someone really wants any or all of these items, I would like to ask you to make a donation to NWFA in any amount you see fit. I prefer FTF in the vancouver area. Will consider shipping on your dime, but you must be patient with me as its not easy for me to get to the PO. Anyway I have a syn stk set for a mossberg 500A the forend would not work on my old westernfield. A complete set of Pacific 38 spl dies, A set of RCBS 308 dies just missing the primer pin, 2 Gun locks w/keys, and a scope cover for a simmons 3x9. Again this stuff is free, But if you take it please consider makig a donation. Thanks BM


  2. Grandpagus1

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    I am in Lebanon, Oregon.
    Still have any of the reloading things in your ad?
    I would not need the stock, but would take all the rest for $35.00 including shipping!
    $45.00 with the stock!
    Let me know! Tom
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