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    Hello All,
    I have a bunch of Mosin Nagant rifles that I'm looking to sell. First off, I'm selling two M38s. One is a refinished Izhevsk from 1943. It has an M44 stock on it, and is counter bored. It is in excellent shape, with good bluing and medium wear on the bore, with some darkness in the grooves. I would like $150 for this. The second M38 is a 1942 Izhevsk with an M44 stock, counter bored, not quite as good shape as the first M38, but with a similar bore. I would like $130 for this. These are shown in my first picture.

    Next, we can see that I have two 91/30s, both Izhevsk, one from 1930, the second from SOLD 1935.SOLD Both of these rifles are in great shape, the 1930 not counter bored, the 1935 being counter bored. These guns come with bayonets, the tool pouch, the sling and the tools that one typically associates with the refurb guns. Both of these guns have a greater than normal collector's value. The 1930 has a triple MO date on it, which is unusual and highly collectible. The 1935 is a hexagonal receiver, which is uncommon in the year that Izhevsk switched to round top receivers. I can include the original importer's box from both these. I would like $120 for each of these.

    SOLD-- Finally, I have a 1944 Izhevsk M44. It is non counter bored, and has a nearly pristine bore. It comes with a sling and the pouch and tools. I would like $120 for this one. SOLD

    I'm not interested in trades at this time. Sale to Oregon residents only with Oregon ID. Cash only. Thank you for looking.

    Update: I've had inquiries about one of the rifles. I've already sold two of them. I never expected to have so much interest so quickly. Thanks to all of you guys!

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