Mosin Nagant Rifle, M91/30, made by Izhezsk, 1942, caliber 7.62x54R

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    $130 SOLD.....WA residents only for a FTF cash sale in Vancouver, WA. You must show me your valid WA DL (your valid WA CCW permit or excellent reviews here at proves you're a good guy). I will not ship.


    You'll get everything pictured here. Izhezsk Mosin Nagant, M91/30, caliber 7.62x54R, made in 1942, round high wall receiver. The sling is missing the dog collar on one side. The trim on the ammo pouches are not colored the same (one dark and one tan). The stock has been repaired at the butt's heel. The barrel is counter bored (it's still got the cosmoline in it). In fact, the rifle has not been cleaned since I got it. You get to do that part. I had intended to do a project with this rifle but my interest has changed.


    And, although the Russian numbers match - the numbers on the magazine, bolt, and butt plate have been eletro penciled on.

    **Yes, I got it from Big5 and I assume that all the "fixes" were done during the re-build process at the Russian arsenal.

    Serious buyers should call me at ph#XXXXXXXXXX (10am to 10pm). I don't answer my PMs too often.

    Aloha, Mark
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