Mosin Nagant 1891 - can you mount a historical scope?

Discussion in 'Curio & Relic Discussion' started by BrotherGlacius, Apr 23, 2015.

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    So my first gun is going to be a mosin 1891, but not the 91/30. So this is the 51" long rifle. I was wondering if it could handle the historical mosin sniper scope or not. Everything I have found so far has been for the 91/30.
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    The scope requires a mounting base that you won't find on a standard M91/30. But in theory you can add it. But I wouldn't.

    The scope isn't great - the eye relief and chin weld are the problem. I've got one of the recent authentic WWII-era PU snipers and have a very difficult time getting consistent groups. And yes I'm using all of the tricks - shimmed/free floated/wrapped the barrel, tightened everything well, using the 200g Match Extra (orange box) ammo. Sometimes I get a nice tight 4 but there's always a flier in each group of 5. I can't tune it out. Next step is handloads. Just slugged the barrel yesterday and it was a fairly loose .312. I've got 174g Hornady .312 HPBT Match bullets I'm going to put into some once-fired PPU brass. I've got some nice neck-sizing dies so I won't be reforming the once-fired bass. If I can't get the flier out with these handloads, then I'm going to give up and say it's the stupid cheek weld. I was lucky and happened to find one of the new MagnetoSpeed Sporter chronographs so I should be able to get really good data for the handload tuning.

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    PU cheek weld...if you are a righty, shoulder the rifle, lean your head to the right, put your right cheek on the stock and put your left eye to the scope. Opposite is you are a lefty. This is also a very effective technique if you are cross eye dominant.

    OP-don't bother mucking up a M91, there are fewer and fewer every year. There are plenty of reproduction PUs to be found, or just enjoy it as it is and shoot it open sighted.

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    If you want to bubba an M91 I'll trade a 91/30 straight across for it. :)
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    That is because the 1891 was not scoped.
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