Moses Lake Source of Reasonably-Priced Brass

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by PeakResources, Jun 24, 2009.

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    I just got an order in of 2k rounds once fired brass, figure I could tell you guys about it as I've not seen this company talked about on other forums.

    I'm starting reloading for my sig556, and have been looking around for component sources. Having already sourced bullets, powder, and primers, I have been looking for brass.

    I checked out sites such as those found referenced in THR posts:
    - GI Brass ( - $95/ 1k (+$20 to polish and process primer pocket)
    - Once Fired Brass ( - $90/ 1k
    - Brass Man Brass ( - $105/ 1k ($135/ 1k for processed)
    - Blue Star Brass ( - $137/ 1k ($202/ 1k processed)

    I'm fairly cheap, so I didn't want to get the best deal possible. I also looked in classified ads, and haven't been successful in finding great deals locally or even on the boards at AR-15, etc. One day searching Gunbroker, I saw 5.56 brass out of a place in Moses Lake. Since I like buying locally when I can (I do have family in Moses Lake too), I checked them out.

    It's Precision Brass ( ). I ordered directly from their website 2k rounds of polished brass at $70/ 1k (it's $60/ 1k for unpolished). Shipping was $14.95. I was a bit hesitant paying via Paypal due to a few bad previous experiences, but went with it anyway. I ordered last week, and it arrived today. It came in a flat rate USPS box. Each 1k rounds (presumably -- I've not counted, nor am likely ever to) came double bagged in ziplock style baggies.

    Upon opening, it appears to be all LC brass. Mostly 07 headstamps, but a number of 06, 05, 04, and 01. I also saw a 90s headstamp in one handful. The brass is clean, as advertised. There are quite a few black flecks in the bag, but that shouldn't prevent me from decapping & resizing as they are. The inside of the cases seem reasonably clean as well. I do see that there are a number of case mouthes that are bent inward. I did run a couple through the press. They resized well, and the mouths returned to the proper shape without issue. However, a couple are pretty extreme and may require a bit of work, or I can toss 'em.

    I've not had experience with other once-fired brass, so I don't know if this is better or worse that what I should expect. But for just over $150 to my door, I bought from a semi-local supplier of brass and so far think it's a decent deal. Any opinions from NWF members?

    Pictures attached of the packaging, a random set of 10 pieces I pulled from the box, and the brass inside a bag.



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    Let me know how it reloads I'm ordering some 40
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    WOW... looks good to me..thank you very much for the info....I just picked up a .308 that I plan on keeping and I'm getting reloading items that I need. Thanks again

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