More WA CPLs, record background checks in December

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    Gun sales and gun packin' goes up, crime goes down.

    Hmmmmmm. Could it be Sarah Brady was wrong?


    Rush on CPLs in Washington, guns nationwide

    There are now more Evergreen State gun owners who are legally licensed to carry concealed handguns than ever before, and it goes along with a nationwide trend toward more gun ownership as the FBI has reported a record number of background checks for December.

    Rush on CPLs in Washington, guns nationwide - Seattle gun rights |

    QUESTION: How many concealed carry permits/ licenses are active in YOUR state?
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    Washington QuickFacts from the US Census Bureau

    Using data from the website above to approximate:
    - 6,830,038 estimated population of WA State in 2011
    - 1,584,569 estimated under 21 (website says 23.2% are under 18)
    - 867,415 estimated 65+ (website says 12.7% are 65+)
    - so, 4,378,054 estimated population eligible for a CPL
    - 392,700 active CPLs in late December, 2012

    That means that more than 9% of the population has an active CPL in WA State. If you were to exclude people between 18 and 21, the prison population, and convicted felons, then I think we are easily at 10% of the population.

    Think about that for a minute. 1 in 10 eligible people in WA State have an active CPL.

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    Wow got to love that :cool:

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