More Suspense...or Just Manipulation

But then again, they shouldn't be able to legislate any new law regarding the Sandy Hook shooting, before the truth comes out in June/July.
Im still not sure about the mag ban, but im confident the AWB is dead. Why do you think they were in such a hurry to get this bubblegum into legislation? Time is on our side. The longer the MSM debates this bubblegum, the longer people are exposed to the gun grabbers totallitarian views, mute arguements, and bullying tactics (Im talking to you Piers).

I know a fair amount of people that were cought up in the emotions of SH and have now calmed down and are focusing their attention to pharmaceuticals and mental health rather than black rifles.

Keep writing and hitting up our reps. Hoperully this will all blow over but if it doesnt, I WILL NOT comply and I know Im not alone. MOLON LABE.

edit: Wait, I didnt know this forum had censorship. Thats cute :s0114:

Burt Gummer

Panels and committees of cover-up artists and criminals investigating 'facts' under the cover of authority. Expect it to be about as truthful as the Waco investigation or 9/11 committee.

Worse panel member ever - Shumer - smug, arrogant, lying puke.

Best panel member ever - Sonny Bono. The man had a heart and cried at the Waco hearing testimony about little kids being shot and burned to death. Only gov paid person in the room worth a tinker's damn.
Oh, absolutely...Just funny to me that they are being so obviously slow to let out the "truth", giving the anti's the best possible chance to pigeon hole law abiding citizens, rather than the mentally ill criminals who actually commit the crime.
You mean we get to see a heavily revised copy of the federal investigation that is being funded by people who *gasp* are saying they want to take our guns? Call me skeptical, but I think it will be full of severe half truths if any truth at all.
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HAHAHHAHHAAA....from a member whos user name is against NWFA rules. :s0112:

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