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    Here is some recent scope info before the new scope chart arrived.


    Today, the new Pentax Gameseeker 2 4-16X50 arrived. The sun had already set but I wanted to check it anyway. I got out the Tasco World Class 4-16X40 that arrived last week.

    Both required 16X to read the 1" tall bolt print letters "THIS SIDE DOWN" on the pump house 127 yards away. Dispite the Pentax having a 50mm objective they both went down at the same time: 7:40 PM. The Pentax seemed a little brighter, but I still could not resolve the words.

    I got the Bushnell 6500 out and adjusted it till I could read the words easily. The magnification displayed 24X. When I could no longer read the words even on 30X I brought out the way more expensive Swarovski Z5 5-25X52. It only needed 18X to clearly and easily read the words.

    So the value of the high powered variable is that one can make out detail way after the lower magnification scopes punk out.

    So if you have already spotted a buck and it's too dark to make out whether it is a spike or not just turn up the high powered variable. O, wait a minute you have a fixed 6X or a 3-9X don't you?


    I took the new Tasco to Bob’s Accuracy Shop. He snickered at the idea I would buy a Tasco 4-16X World Class. Everyone knows they are trash. He tried to convince me it would not hold zero if the magnification was changed. After installing it in his scope fixture he ran the power to 15X. I asked him why and he told me a cheap scope would blur out at its highest setting. I turned it up and it was beautiful. Bob was very surprised.

    He has a grid on a tree about 100 yards from his bench mounted scope fixture. There was no discernable point of impact change throughout the magnification range. He knew adjusting the parallax would change the crosshairs. It didn’t. He did some impact testing to see how it would react to recoil. Again no change.

    Then Bob installed my 2 ½-10X Tasco. It was clear all the way from 2 ½X through 10X. The crosshair moved about 3” to the right when turned from 2 1/2X up to 10X. But it did not move when the parallax was turned.

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