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Trying to clear out things I don't use:

RCBS FL 30-06 Dies - Old, but in fine shape with 40 pieces nickel plated brass for free.

RCBS FL 222 remington
RCBS Carbide .40 / 10mm

RCBS Carbo .45acp, some corrosion, but work fine
Ohaus 5-0-5 scale - $20
Bunch of shell cases: $1 a piece or $10 for all of them. 10 are for big rifle, two are for something bigger (20gauge maybe) and three are for handgun.
Quinetics bullet puller: $10
Dillon 550 toolhead - $15

Lyman M5 (1010) Ohaus scale - $35

Will trade for 9mm/38/357 reloading components or dillon 650 gear.
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