OFF ALERT More Proof Of Gun Law Failures

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    In the wake of the recent attacks on Paris, it’s no surprise that Americans are responding by arming themselves. Even local police are recognizing that the dangers of a terrorist attack are massive. And of course, the current administration is aiding and abetting the terrorists by welcoming them to the US.

    Our own, unelected, governor has signaled that Muslim “refugees” are welcome here in Oregon. Behind this backdrop, the battle to retain our gun rights continues, even though the events in France prove the dangers of disarming the civilian population.

    Last night KATU TV did a short piece on the never ending efforts of some on the left to eliminate gun rights, now in the guise of copying Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

    Of course the analogy is absurd. MADD never promoted punishing all drivers for the behavior of a few. They never proposed bans on cars or restrictions on horsepower. They never said you should be arrested if someone else drove drunk in your car. They never demanded background checks to buy a car. Instead they addressed dangerous behavior.

    KATU did briefly cover an issue that the mainstream press has willfully ignored for many months, the absurdity of the “background check” system and its total failure in stopping prohibited people from getting guns.

    Over and over we have seen the stats that show when prohibited persons attempt to purchase a gun, nothing happens to them. KATU showed the OSP’s own stats proving this.

    Ironically today the latest stats from OSP came out. There were 26,594 background checks run in October. There were 223 denials. 170 of those denials were “felons”, according to OSP. Total arrests? Four!

    And as crazy as that sounds, keep in mind that is four more than were arrested in September when 126 felons tried to buy guns. It’s four more than were arrested in August when 113 felons attempted to buy guns. (In August the State Police did not even include a column for arrests in their charts). It’s four more than were arrested in July when 104 felons attempted to buy guns!

    Clearly the only purpose of this system is to create roadblocks and restrictions on the law abiding, but with less than 1% of all transactions being “private” and run through gun dealers it’s clear that not a lot of Oregonians are complying with the Prozanski/Hoyle gun grab.

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    Very nicely written piece. Nice if "OregonLive" picked it up--just to show how objective they can be and to show all points of view.
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    Now that is what your reps need to see!!!! If you all flood this to them they (a few) might see the light and start some meaningful conversations and block this lunacy!!!:cool:

    This will also help up here in Wa too.;)

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