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    Democratic gun reformers give Obama a pass as they push for tougher laws - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill |

    Maybe this is the kind of stuff, that doesn't require new laws or congressional approval, that they're talking about.

    How about simply not renewing import permits on Import Permits? They're not banning them.. they're just not going to renew the permits.

    Import Ammo & High Capacity Magazines: Stock up Now! - YouTube

    Some say there is no difference between Romney and Obama. For me, the difference seems to be that Yes Romney signed into law a bunch of crap in MA. But I don't see him as the driving force behind it. Obama has shown me that this is something HE is passionate about getting done. And considering the tactics he's taken on Health Care, Fast and Furious, and Illegal Immigration, I'm convinced that he WILL DO whatever it takes to create "Change" regarding the second amendment. The biggest of which will be another appointee to the Supreme Court which could change things forever.

    Of course he's going to stay quiet right now before an election. He has to say 'something' to calm those on the left who want a reaction the Aurora, but he won't attempt any real change until his second term.

    Even if you don't like Mitt. At least we'll have leverage against him. He will want a second term as well, and won't risk doing anything either.

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