more on how gun control works........

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by gehrheart, Dec 29, 2010.

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    here ---------- “Mexico has some of the toughest gun-control laws” « Don Surber

    See gun control works...... :banghead:
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    I saw this article in today's Seattle Times - it seems like they just keep printing the same basic article over-and-over. This version focuses on the Mexican gun store; other versions focus on police who capture guns, etc. But, it's always "American gun laws are flooding Mexico with illegal guns" - followed by a dozen examples that suggest this isn't the main problem down there.

    This part caught my eye:

    And then....

    And, of course this interesting part...

    You know, I'm not usually one to suspect some grand media conspiracy at work, but this stupid story just keeps coming back too many times - say it enough times and it'll be true?
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    Of course, Mexico's president Felipe Calderon doesn't want us to secure the border so as to allow the illegal immigration to go north and then complains that illegal weapons are heading south through those same borders!

    I find it interesting that the liberal media reports this without question (silly me for thinking) and the knuckleheads in DC think there's a problem with laws regarding firearms.
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    from post by sun 195:
    Alberto Islas, a security expert based in Mexico, said it is common knowledge that the easiest way for the average citizen to buy a gun is to ask a friendly local police officer.

    "The cop will bring it to your house and show you how to load it," Islas said. "Of course, it is technically illegal."

    This is actually funny. I spent a few months when i was 14 in Nicaragua as part of a famine relief program with my parents. One thing about alot of Central America that i found out was anything can be bought at the black markets. I asked a police officer one day where the baby jaguars were at and he asked if i was looking to buy a gun. I wasnt, and he asked if i had one, i said no and he said i should buy He was carrying a fully automatic m16 with a grenade launcher underneath it. Pretty sure it was provided by our US military... but anyways he offered to sell it to me for 100 bucks with 20 grenades. I asked him if he would get in trouble and he said he would have some family members beat him up and say it was stolen... He was pretty desperate for money and 100 dollars at that time was 3 months wages.

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