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So I picked up a box of random stuff this last week and I thought I would offer up the stuff I have no need for before I cart it off to the next gunshow. Sorry about the photo quality. I'm not a pro photographer. Shipping is extra.

1. 32 Round Uzi Mags. Pack of seven, still in the cosmoline. I do not want to split up the pack. SOLD

2. AK Furniture. Black. Marked as US made. Looks like Bulgarian style. Comes with buttstock, fore-end, and pistol grip. Marked as US made. 2 sets. $65 each.

View attachment 196455

3. .50 BMG linker/delinker. Don't know much about it, except its in its original packaging. There is a secondary dealer sticker on one end of the box, everything else looks good. $30.

View attachment 196456

4. Harris S25c bi-pod. Extends 13.5 to 27 inches. Swivels. Actually Harris marked, not knock-offs. 2 available. $85 each.

View attachment 196457

5. Tapco FAL scope mount. New, sealed in package. Replaces FAL cover with pic rail. $40.

View attachment 196458

6. Butler Creek Remington 870 folding stock. New in shrink wrap. $100.

View attachment 196459

7. 20 round M1A Mags. Not sure as to the manufacturer. I have eleven total. Eight are like new with clean parkerizing. Three have some scratches on the parkerizing. One has a anti-rust paper wrap that says Ludlow manufacturing. GONE

8. B-Square Bipod. Not much else to say. $30

View attachment 196460

9. Marlin Sling Mount. $15

View attachment 196461

10. Otis Elite Cleaning Kit. Looks to be unused. There is some small amount of discoloration in a few of the cleaning brush tubes, but they all look to be unused. No photo, sorry. $115. Here's a link to the website: <broken link removed>

Hopefully the photos aren't too big. You can either email or PM me. Email will probably get a faster response, as I can respond straight from my phone...
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