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Montana governor signs "revolutionary" gun law

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by Andy, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. Andy

    Andy Aurora, OR Active Member

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  2. Ian1816

    Ian1816 Oregon City Active Member

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    God bless Montana! Hopefully more states will follow their lead.
  3. MarkSBG

    MarkSBG Beaverton Oregon Well-Known Member

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    I may start looking for a job in Montana... ;)
  4. tionico

    tionico Thurston County Well-Known Member

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    Tennessee have also passed an almost identical law, it is now part of the law of Tennessee.

    BUT-- wouldn't ya know it, the BATFE have, in the past few weeks, sent nastygrammes to ALL Federally licensed firearms dealers in both states informing them that they cannot govern themselves by these laws, that they remain subject to Federal firearms regulations inn spite of their new state laws.

    SO.... we have a showdown coming. Wonder who will win? Both Montana and Tennessee are scrappy enough to make a stand.... but how mad will the feds get? And how tyrannical? It will surely end up before the Supreme Court... and if Sotomayor is part of that, no question she will make law according to her personal agenda.

    Texas, Utah, Alaska, and I believe one other state are, or were, working on similar legislation.

    If these states manage to pull this off, it will radically change the firearms industry in this nation. I can forsee many arms manufacturers moving to set up manufactories in "sovereign states"... perhaps branch outposts.... maybe build most of the "non firearm" bits elsewhere, the receiver/action parts in state, and assemble them in the "sovereign states".

    SOMEONE has to send a message to the bozos in Washington DC they've gone too far and must retreat. Will this be enough? Hard to say just yet.
  5. wakejoe

    wakejoe Beaverton, OR Well-Known Member

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    Plenty of open land in Montana.

    Time to go camping! :D
  6. hastler

    hastler Northwest New Member

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    Its time to write/tell the Oregon Legislative do to the same and follow Montana's new gun law
  7. ZeroRing

    ZeroRing 26th District, WA Active Member

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    :funnypoint: Oregon/Washington... yeah... right. Like THAT will ever happen!!
  8. CEF1959

    CEF1959 Willamette Valley, Oregon New Member

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    A state declaring limits on federal authority? Yeah, that should work.
  9. Weathermaker

    Weathermaker Washington Member

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    Oregon legislators = A bunch of pu**ies.
  10. Cougfan2

    Cougfan2 Hillsboro, OR Well-Known Member

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    The whole point of these laws was to challenge the Fed's authority and to get this in court. Many states are ticked off about the Fed Govt's over reaching of their authority in the name of Interstate Commerce regulation. This is not just about guns, it is much more important. This is a State's rights issue.
  11. JAFO

    JAFO OR, USA Active Member

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    I believe in the case of Montana all parts essential to the function of the firearm must be manufactured in-state.
  12. slideguitar55

    slideguitar55 washington Member

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    There is a Historical event that few recall in this time.

    The words spoken were few, however the levity great.

    During the Imperialistic attempts of the U.S.A. to garnish control of Hawaii
    A certain Ships captain was disturbed by the sight of the Native Hawaiian females going topless
    He asked the Queen of Hawaii why she did not pass a law ordering the females

    to keep their breast covered when in public view.

    The wisdom of that Woman was pure logic reasoning.

    She replied : Oh no, the people love the queen that loves the peoples freedom.
    Pass too many laws, and pretty soon,,, the queen not the Queen no more.

    Today, i have a book from 1947 titled: The constitution of the State of California.

    In review of this book, i have found many cases where it is now against the law to obey the Constitutional law of California.

    For, per that constitutional law of 1947 California, today's California laws
    outlaw the laws of the states constitution .

    Too many laws against the peoples freedom, and pretty soon the people,,,,
    unlike the native Hawaiians, will not love you, but will do nothing about it.

    Montana's Governor is LOVED by his People i suppose.

    Arnie the Carny i suppose is loved as well, i just cannot think of anyone whom that may be.
  13. rdb241

    rdb241 Puyallup Washington Gold Supporter Gold Supporter

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    If anybody thinks that Christine and all the LIBTARDS in Washington would have the marbles to do something like this.......think again. This state is stuffed with tree huggers and socialists. An indipendant manufacturer in this state would be so heavily taxed they could not stay in biz. Just think of all the negitive press in the liberal Pugret sound area. Some skate board slacker in downtown Seattle that maybe has a part time job and gets public assistance for housing, oh and food stamps won't like this. So Christine will listen to them first. Not the law abiding gun toteing voters. We have not been able to have any real law abiding fun in this state since 1938.