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Hey guys,
This will be my first time at a gun show in WA. I have been to plenty back East, but never here. While I understand each show is different - what can I expect?
- Are there generally a good amount of firearms (handguns - specifically)? Are they primarily used or new?
- I assume ammo is generally a big hit. Primarily reloads or factory?
- Size of the show generally?

I have been to 3 WAC shows in Monroe in the last couple of years, the booths tended toward non-firearm related vendors. I would estimate I saw maybe 20% gun booths (mostly used), 20% ammo vendors (a mix of reloaders and resellers), 10% knife guys, and the rest are selling stuff like jerky, Gadsden flags, or t-shirts.

I have not seen any deals on used firearms that would make it worth my while to buy a WAC membership (you can't buy firearms at a WAC show without a WAC membership).

I have picked up what I think are good deals on reloaded ammunition.

WAC holds shows at two locations: Monroe and Puyallup. The show at Puyallup is the larger of the 2 as vendors come up from Oregon and other southern locations. It takes me about 1 & 1/2 hours to go through the Monroe show and 3 hours or so to go through the Puyallup show. There are a lot of new and used firearms to peruse through at both shows. If you know the price of what you are looking for, you'll have an idea of what deals you might be getting. I make offers on items and often get the price down. I've made lots of purchases out at the shows and consider my membership well worth it.

They only allow members with current membership to bring in firearms. This rule is to reduce the likelihood of anyone off the street bringing in stolen firearms to sell. To keep the shows safe, it is a requirement that all guns and magazines be unloaded, each gun checked and a tie strap put through the action. With all the guns being handled, this helps their safety record. If you join, they will credit your entrance fee to your membership. Along with membership, they also publish a very good newsletter, well worth reading. Your membership also helps WAC on the legislative side as they have been quite active in Olympia working against bad gun legislation.

There is a mixture of new and used guns there. (I would say at least 60% of the vendors are selling guns, most of the rest is gun related.) Many of the local storefront dealers have tables there also so you can do some good comparisons. You will find commercial new ammo, relaods and collectible ammo. The folks there are typically nice and polite.

Monroe is well worth going out to. Be sure to make the road trip down to Puyallup some time. Have fun.
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