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    I found this place when I needed to do a transfer with a seller from Washington. $30 including the background check.

    After the transfer I stayed to look at their used and new guns. They have a pretty good selection for a pawn shop.

    Several weeks later I was on my way to a popular gun store on Powell Blvd. and I decided to stop at the Money Market again. They had a brand new Gen 4 Glock 19 for $509, which was cheaper than I saw them at gun shows. It was brand new complete with the case, 3 magazines, etc. and I bought it on the spot.

    If you are in the market for a Glock check them out.
  3. Seared Saba

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    I love this place. Price is decent and they have decent selection. They treat their customers good. You don't get that creepy vibes from them that you get from some of the other places. The owner himself is a firearm collector and the store often carries some rare modern firearms, like SIG SanSwiss P553.

    Their transfer fee is the lowest as far as I know as well in Portland city. Just $30 flat or $32 with credit card.
  4. ThemGunsThough

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    This is my go to for FFL transfers as they are close to Happy Valley and have decent prices. I was just in there today to pick up a gun I ordered online. The owner Peter is a nice guy. Ive done probably a dozen transfers through them. I figured saving $5 - $7 travelling out to Tigard or Hillsboro was not worth it it anymore. I definitely recommend Money Market Pawn. Check their website for coupons too for waived background check.
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    I've used them a couple times for private sales - they have always been friendly and easy to work with. I can get cheaper in O.C. ($20), but not everyone is willing to come to O.C. for a sale. For SE PDX, Money Market has been the best I've found so far.

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