Money for some 338 Lapua and 300 Win Mag Brass

Discussion in 'Reloading Classifieds' started by Old Wanderer, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. Old Wanderer

    Old Wanderer
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    ;) I am looking to buy some 338 Lapua brass, preferably once fired. :laugh:

    Also just got a nice tactical 300 Win Mag on Gun Broker yesterday. Most of my 300 Win Mag stuff is 25+ years old, so if I can get a few hundred rounds of this brass that is better shape than my antique stuff.

    Figured I can do a bit of practice with that rifle out a 1K yards a whole lot cheaper than the Lapua.

    If anybody has a few cans of H1000 powder that you would like to get rid of ......:huh:

    Best to send an email to as I will be going to China in a few days, and sometime (actually most of the time) Chine sensors there browser to block anything they seem to want . Be back on Dec 15th.
  2. BoyScout

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    to bad i didnt read this yesterday, i just put a bulk powder buy in. I will post it in the bulk buy next time. I put one in every 3-4 months

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