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The following are all in the DCU pattern:

-2 Molle II Tan Pack Frames w/attached shoulder harness and waist belt. $25 each

-2 Sleep System Carriers. $10 each

-4 Sustainment Pouches. $5 each

***Bundle it all for $50.***
( Bundle price is way less than half of what I paid, prices are FIRM.)

These were all purchased new. One set has been used on a single overnight hike. The other has been used twice on single overnight hikes. They are in virtually new condition.
If you were to order one of these frames alone, shipping would cost more than my price (and I am including the harness system). Also because of that, this must be FACE TO FACE in the Vancouver area, NO SHIPPING. I do not have the Main Packs.
I guarantee there are no surprises or disappointments in the condition or description.

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