Molle II FLC Vest - multi color desert camo

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    Selling or trading my molle II vest. This is a very good vest to run with an AR 15. Only reason I am getting rid of it Is because I switched to a plate carrier, so this is just taking up space in my closet. Complete with pouches. I will not seperate any of the pouches from the vest. This is US issue gear & pouches.

    Specialty Defense Molle II FLC vest (fight load carrier) waist & shoulder adjustable. Webbing all over it for pouches. Drag handle. 2 large inside map pockets. Zips up in the front. Heavy duty YKK zipper. Buckles up on the chest also.

    (6) M4 mag pouches. Each pouch holds 2 30 round mags
    (2) 1 qt canteen/ general purpose pouches. Each pouch has 2 small pouches hooked onto it.
    (1) 100 round utility pouch
    (1) grenade pouch

    Some small fraying on some pouches. There was a belt inside the vest incase the zipper breaks but the buckle has been removed. Most pouches are new but some of the mag pouches are used.

    60 shipped-you send a money order
    55 f2f in gresham

    Pics very soon
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