molds, 1 die set,powder trickler,funnel and a few other items

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    western washington

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    I have 1 used lee single cavity 38 spl 105 grain swc mold, 1 herters beam scale (like new), 1 herters powder trickler (like new), 1 herters powder funnel-new in box, 2 case length gauges, 1 lyman gas check seater- looks new, 4 bars of tin( made from melted puter)a little over 2 pounds of tin

    I am in need of 308 brass(no berdan), 38/357 hollow point molds 140-160 grain( no lee or ranch dog), .430 lyman or rcbs sizer die, 45 long colt or 454 casual brass, 44 cal 240 or 215 hollow point mold( no lee or ranch dog),commercial soft or hard stick bullet lube( like white label), 7.62 x39 brass(no berdan).
    I will ship to any U.S.A address, if your local or come through the seattle area, I can add more trade items

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