Modified OSHP Remington 870 Police Magnum

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    I picked up this Ohio State Highway Patrol Remingotn 870 Police Magnum in trade. It no longer had the OSHP buttstock on it. I have performed several upgrades to turn it in to a great HD/Combat shotgun. Other than the buttstock I will include the parts I have removed.. This shotgun was already outfitted with a 18.5 inch barrel with rifle sights. And also has the extended mag tube. The outside shows handling marks from riding around in a patrol during its duty years, but the action is great and very fast/smooth.

    I live in between Tacoma/Puyallup near Canyon/512.. May be willing to travel north to Kent or south to Oly for right deal..

    I am legal to own firearms and you need to be as well. Must see WADL and would be nice to see CPL..

    What I have added..

    Mesa Tactical high tube adapter. ~$200
    High-tube Telescoping Stock Kit for Rem 870 (12-GA, 9 in rail) - Mesa Tactical

    ITT Shot Shock Recoil shock. These are very hard to find right now.. ~$160
    Enidine Shot Shock Hydraulic Recoil Reducing Stock Tube

    Magpul forearm. ~$30
    SHOTGUN ACCESSORIES - MOE® Forend ? Remington 870 Shotgun

    Rail adapter for magpul forestock, and angled foregrip in OD ~$8 + ~$35
    POLYMER RAIL SECTIONS - MOE® Polymer Rail Section, 9 Slots
    RAILS & ACCESSORIES - AFG2? - Angled Fore Grip

    Magpul CTR adjustable buttstock in OD, Enhanced rubber buttpad for magpul stocks. ~$80 + ~$20
    CTR® - Compact/Type Restricted - CTR® Carbine Stock ? Mil-Spec Model
    MOE® CARBINE and CTR® ACCESSORIES - Enhanced Rubber Butt-Pad?, 0.70

    GG&G Hi Vis follower for mag tube ~$30
    870 Follower, Remington 870 follower, remington 870 magazine follower

    Ergo pistol grip in OD ~$30

    Magpul forward sling mount/barrel clamp ~$30
    SHOTGUN ACCESSORIES - Forward Sling Mount ? Remington 870 Shotgun

    With all the parts I have over $1000 tied up in this build. I would take $850 in cash or trade value.

    Trade interests.. May have cash to add for the right trade..

    EAA/Tangfolio Stock 2 in .45
    CZ 97B (No decockers)
    M1 Garand need a shooter, not a collector..
    6 or 12 inch AR57 upper with at least 1 mag
    Sig SAO 226/220
    SAR K2 .45
    SAR ST10
    Glock 19/23 Gen3
    PTR 91
    May be open to 3-6inch .357 revolvers, expect pickyness..
    S&W compact semi autos 5906 and similar.. must be DA/SA
    Browning/FN Hi Power
    Quality/fair priced bulk ammo in .22LR, 5.56, or .45ACP (no reloads)

    Maybe others, feel free to offer..


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