Modified AMD-65 + ammo

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by kkil004, May 19, 2012.

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    AMD-65, ZERO round count. Got this from Bud's and I still have the original box and cleaning stuff that came with it.
    I am "into" this gun over $950. I am looking for either $800 cash or one of the two following trades:

    1. Ruger LCR (not the laser model) in .38 sp/.357 + $300
    2. S&W 329 NG (.44 mag)

    What has been done to the AMD-65:

    1. I have a US made gas piston, but have not installed it yet. In theory, according to this thread (Zombie Squad • View topic - 922r Compliance Issue with AMD 65 - Parts Count), you could use ANY magazine with this piston installed and be in compliance.

    2. Removed the front pistol grip and installed a Magpul 11-slot rail and Magpul AFG1 in OD.
    3. Removed the rear pistol grip and installed an Arsenal pistol grip in OD.
    4. Removed the rear sight and installed a Krebs 1000 meter peep sight.
    5. Installed a Buffer Technologies Recoil Buffer.
    6. Installed a Tromix Extended Charging Handle

    Comes with:

    7. Stock Tapco 20 round magazine with 20 x 124 gr. Tula HP (steel case, non-corrosive, berdan primed).
    8. 5 x 40 round teflon coated magazines with 200 x 123 gr. Prvi Partizan soft point (brass cased).
    9. Original (short) and Full length AK cleaning rods as well as the original pistol grips.
    10. Black soft case

    I am sure at least one person is wondering why I built this gun up and now want to get rid of it without firing ONE round. Well, I am moving to FL at the end of the month and I just had a GunBroker deal go very, very sideways for a snubby. So I am trying to trade this for one to fill that need.

    AND I just sold my car, so we'd have to meet somewhere near where I live :)

    Thanks for looking!

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