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This has been a fun one that I figured I would share with you all. Customer dropped off a non functioning post 64 Winchester 1894 in poor condition, and requested the following:

Shorten barrel to 16" and thread
Shorten stock by 1.5"
Add oversized lever loop
Add fiber optic sights with hood and rear peep/ghost
Replace any missing parts

First step was diasassembly and identification of what parts were needed to get this thing working. The firing pin, finger lever pin, and finger lever stop screw were found to be missing. I found replacements available on Numrich and got them ordered. Slim pickings on the firing pin, I'll have to deal with the rust.

20240519_202343.jpg 20240519_195450.jpg 20240519_202425.jpg
The replacement parts arrived and were test fit. The rifle now appeared to be functional. At this point, eveything was detail stripped and put through the ultrasonic cleaner.


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I then started with the barrel work. There was not enough diameter to have 5/8-24 threads, so it was decided to go with 9/16-24. Approximately 4" was cut off the end, removing the front sight with it. It was then re-indicated and the threads turned.

20240604_103031.jpg 20240601_203333.jpg 20240524_132712.jpg 20240524_123759.jpg
Now it was time to deal with the consequences of shortening the barrel. A new notch was put in the bottom of the barrel for the front band screw. The magazine tube was shortened to where a suppressor would clear the end. I also had to notch the magazine tube. I then partially assembled the rifle and drilled the magazine tube and barrel for the magazine end cap screw.

20240609_113245.jpg 20240608_122421.jpg 20240608_104517.jpg 20240608_095505.jpg
A dovetail filler was drifted in place where the old rear sight went, and was then filed down flush with the OD of the barrel.

I was debating ordering a large loop lever and simply replacing the factory one. Ultimately it was decided that the likelihood of the replacement needing fitting in order to work was high, and that it would be better to modify the original. The loop was cut up and a new oversized one was fabbed out of some 4140 barstock. I clamped it all up and tigged the new loop in place. Grinder and file took care of the rest.

20240615_201353.jpg 20240614_202755.jpg 20240614_200328.jpg 20240614_115750.jpg 20240614_114552.jpg
The tap for the front sight screws finally came in. The barreled receiver was set back up in the mill, and the two holes drilled and threaded.

This whole time I had been using the factory front band to test fit everything. It was eventually determined that the band had been moved too far up the taper of the barrel, and that it was simply not going to work despite my best efforts to reform it. So I made a new one. The threads for the front band screw were a very odd size (4-56), but I was able to find a tap set for it.

20240624_173059.jpg 20240615_204358.jpg
Almost forgot. The stock was shortened on the band saw, and a new rubber recoil pad was ground to fit. The rear sling stud was also relocated.

I actually ended up taking another cut from the stock after this photo was taken. I was testing how the new blade in the saw was going to behave.

Last Edited:
And here is the finished rifle. It is quite handy. Almost feels like a toy. The big loop is comfortable to use, the sights are very intuitive, and everything feels nice and solid in the barrel assembly. It will likely be getting Cerakoted as the next step, but that is not something I am set up for. @LuckySG is the man for the job.

20240624_174505.jpg 20240624_174450.jpg
With Gordy Vanderzanden having passed recently, it is with great relief to see a capable 'smith nearby.

Looking forward to meeting you. Nice work, and though I may not cotton much to such style as the Winchester owner prefers, a fine demonstration of care and skill on your part.
Here's a breakdown of everything:

Enlarge lever loop: $150
Barrel cut and thread: $120
Shorten magazine tube, relocate front band, add front sight: $150
New front band (may not always be necessary): $200
Shorten stock and shape buttpad: $100
Misc labor (disassembly, reassembly, etc): $100
Parts (buttpad, sights, firing pin, finger lever pin and stop screw): $150
You should be drawn and quartered for cutting up a Winny like that!


Just kidding, nice work! :s0155:
There had to be one... lol

I do not normally condone sporterizing, but I feel this rifle will likely never have significant collector's value. Time will tell. I hope some day this will not haunt me.

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