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Modern Defensive Shotgun?

Ok, I have heard of that before.

No need to mess with magazines. How is the recoil of the 930? Can lighter loads or shorter hulls be used for smaller defenders?

I ran several hundred rounds of “cheapy” low-base #6.5 Estate target/dove loads and full-on 00-buck hi-base loads through the above specimen before I entered it into the PDW/HD roation. I ran them separately, intermixed, etc without a single malfunction.

I’m not recoil sensitive, but the recoil impulse is MUCH lighter than a pump-gun, and I didn’t feel any real difference between light and heavy loads during all that.
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Thanks all for the thoughts, etc. Random musings:

  • Not wed to the idea of box magazines. Thinking is they are faster to reload and I've seen mag-fed shotguns cut way back to a very handy system. Most, though not all, were Saiga-based. A tube-fed so shortened will, naturally, lose shots. However, if there is reliability issues, no thanks. I've got zero patience for a firearm that isn't 100% reliable these days.
  • The Mossberg 930 looks damn interesting — thanks.
  • Regarding Mossberg 500-series. Have three and no real complaints (500 in 12, wife's 500 Youth in 20, and a Serbu Super Shorty in 12*) for what they are.
  • I read somewhere that they are making semi-auto versions of the AA-12. Neat, I guess, but no idea on specifics.
  • Did some more research on the USAS-12. Cool design, but doubt would fit in this current market landscape.
  • In my travels I've found some wackier designs; weird Turkish guns, no thanks. SRM 1216 better, maybe.
* These:


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Those 930's always make me want one, damn nice design. The biggest problem I see with the mag fed in the, well mags. Shells are so big it ends up making the damn mags huge. Where as with the auto like the 930, you can keep feeding more rounds in as used. Watched some video of the one with a drum and it was impressive but they look more like something to mount on a vehicle they get so damn big :)
I find mag fed shotguns to be clumsy as hell.
The center of gravity is off
Switching to or from slugs is laborious and topping off is impossible
I'll stick with my tube magazines, thank you.


Mag fed shotguns are fun toys, not defensive weapons IMO.

Get a Benelli m4, side saddle, few belt mounted shell holders, and lots of training and practice.
Why do you think mag fed shotguns are fun toys rather than defensive weapons? (I'm not disagreeing. Just asking. I don't know much about shotguns.)
Why do you think mag fed shotguns are fun toys rather than defensive weapons? (I'm not disagreeing. Just asking. I don't know much about shotguns.)
To me, shotguns feel very off when the weight of the shells is slung underneath from a magazine or bandolier. Shotgun shells are pretty heavy. I’ve tried to run through courses with a bandolier and the weight made starting and stopping difficult when pointing/aiming.
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  • Howdy Y'all
I worked at the West coast warranty center for mossberg. Saw tons of them come in for "errors in the manufacturing process"
Yep, there isn't a whole lotta love put into much of anything anymore.

I've run Benelli's since the 80's, and had a Beretta 1301 issued to me at one time, and would take the Beretta over the Benelli...much softer shooting, and will handle lock-breakers and other low power loads, when the Benelli would choke.

Have a friend who reps for Mossberg and got me a 930 for a great price...I consider them a poor mans Beretta 1301. Anyway, went through it and upgraded the gas and recoil systems, smoothed out the bolt carrier and opened up the feed'll run everything the Beretta will. Just too bad they don't come out of the box smoother.


I've been looking at Black Aces Tactical's Pro Model semi-auto. Same size as a Shockwave pump but in delicious semi-auto flavors.
Most if not all of their short shotguns are backordered.
Reviews are mixed with the majority positive.

Just throwing this out there. The wood stocked model is a beauty. :cool:
Folks either don't have the time or the ammo to really run their guns much, and most probably won't wear out a rifle barrel or the gun in their lifetime.

Like most everything...they want to make more profit with less something's got to give.


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