Model 70 7mm Rem mag 24" barrel

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    I have this rifle and I never shoot it. It was my Uncles. He bought it new in 72 or 73 I think. It has a few dings and a little rust on the bolt knob. It is a great hunting rifle and thats what it was used for till I got it about 10 years ago. I have put about 200 rounds through it and thats probably about the same amount my uncle put through it in 30 years. Maybe less... I would guess the round count at around 300-400 or so. I dont know for sure but knowing my dad and uncle he bought it, sighted it in and killed stuff with it. He probably put a few rounds through it at the range before each season but neither of them are really plinkers or range junkys...

    I havent shot it in a while. I shot it quite a bit when I first got it and it did great out to 460 yards. Thats as far as I have shot it. I took the leupold scope off it for my 270 but it still has the weaver rings and some sling swivels... I also have 250 ofb, some bullets, dies, 50 rounds that are ready to go. Im selling this to expand my reloading bench... I havent seen one on gunbroker for less than $500 in the couple months Ive been thinking about selling it so I think $600 with all the stuff I have for it is a good deal or $500 for just the rifle with rings... I am open to trades and reasonable offers. Interested in lots of gun stuff let me know what you have and Ill think it over. Thanks for looking!

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