WTS WA Model 1890 WRF 22 pic's added

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    I am listing this for a friend, If you have any questions or concerns please call this number 1-509-365-2212 ask for John.

    I will be doing the shipping.

    I am unable to up-load picks but if you email me at this address gvsbvgmc at gmail.com I will forward them to you.

    Completley redone model 1890 Winchester Rim Fire, not a .22 Long Rifle and not a .22 magnum although the shells appear to be .22 mag.

    New stock and forearm.

    Winchester blue, new and a fantastic job of blue and capturing the original finish.

    New barrel liner and recut chamber.

    Pop up peep sight, period made by Lyman

    Everything was professionally done and very expensive.
    Flawless wood working.

    This is not a rifle I would ever carry around and expose to the damage that brings, it is absolutley flawless.

    The price is the price and I have turned that amount down in the past, this is your chance to own the nicest model 1890 around.


    If you want more pic's PM me your email I got em

    2014-05-04 00.38.17.jpg

    2014-05-04 00.39.10.jpg

    2014-05-04 00.37.51.jpg

    2014-05-04 00.39.02.jpg

    2014-05-04 00.38.44.jpg
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    Do we get to see any pictures? Made me sad when I scrolled down and didn't see her purdyness...

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