WTS OR Modded 2240

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    73929C35-D7E5-4512-A646-2E59F9592945.jpeg EDA9BBF4-8E19-43F6-AA42-463FBCF6AD4A.jpeg 93E35B39-57A0-4002-BB5D-254724D19BD1.jpeg 7F18B45A-0412-46B8-A14A-9FD4CDA4FF8A.jpeg I have a 2240 that I put wood grips on and about a 20’ barrel. Aftermarket steel breech and bolt. Bulk fed. Will come with full giant tank of co2 with 1 or 2 small tanks to carry with gun. Has everything needed to fill from large tank to small ones. I’d have to find chrony numbers but I remember it shooting a tad faster then predicted with that length barrel and bulk fill. It loves pointed pellets (only airgun I’ve seen) and can do under .2 at 25 yards with right pellet. I have shot plenty of 5 shot groups at 50 yards in the half inch range. Just depends on the pellet and my shooting and luck that day. I have a folder with almost every target I’ve shot with it and the pellets used. Asking only 100 for everything. Also have a new crosman 1077 with some co2 cartridges I’d only ask 20 for. 24390994-DAD5-4AB3-A0AA-DAB670C070A0.jpeg
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    Hi. I'm genuinely interested and have a few questions. Please call me at 503-931-6267 Evenings are best. BTW I'm in Salem
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