MOA ( Mid oregonm Amory ) Review.

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    MOA the first year open.

    The store is located at the top of the hill on Stephens in Roseburg, Oregon. Right next to the old Bowling Alley.
    MOA opened about a year ago with some ex-employees from a local company. And is one of about 5 gun stores locally.

    The Good:

    MOA is a clean store with good back drops and often free coffee and cookies for their customers.
    One Owner Mike especially knowledgeable and seems to know allot more then anyone else there.
    They ofter Concealed classes that are taught by and Retired Major in the Marines, he teaches a firm and
    no nonsense class. They offer other long range and various training. Some is out-sourced like the CHL and other class are taught by Mike and others.

    The Bad
    How do you say this nicely, well guess you can't. So here goes they have no idea how to run a business. They know guns and they know allot about them. But the service a year later is kinda dismal. I frequent Roseburg GunShop and Larrys in Sutherlin and the service at MOA is not even close.
    I have about 45 family members that all have firearms and many have gone to MOA and are disappointed.
    The major complaint are promises not kept and sickly low inventory. I have waited a year for an item to come in never did. My Father in law ordered Ammo six month later not one call. The mark up on guns is 60-70% on trade ins which Is not real cool to the gun owners. The inventory, well there is none. They have allot of stuff people do not need and very little of what they do. I have gone in there several times for a box of 40SW 185gr, pretty simple ammo and they never have it or say it is on order and well I leave my number and never a call, simple speed loader never come in and so on and so on.

    The Ugly

    You expect new stores to catch slack and maybe even bad reviews from the competition. I have to say I can tolerate allot until I went shopping for a family member and the guy I think is Steve a co-owner started making racist comments on the guns they sell and what race uses them. And the words were not appropriate nor for this forum.
    I tried not to let my jaw drop that in 2012 we still have racist in plain site and advertise it none-the-less.
    I am, one of these people who look white, cause I am a 6'4 and and people assume I am a big white guy. Not exactly and they did not know it. In defense I have never seen Mike the other owner act inappropriate and only hear stuff like that when he was not around. The place is close to where I live and I frequently went in trying to give a new company the benefit. The last time was the last straw with the open racist comments. I have not been back in two months and won't show up again. I have heard allot on places like Craigs about them but always assumes it was other stores bashing them. I spent time and money there, but there are something I won't tolerate is racism and ignorance. I will say the CHL class is great from what I hear.

    This is just my review and my experience some may have had better some worse.
    I shared my experience with my rather large family and they are not returning either.
    Allot of my family have lets say extreme collections and give allot of business locally to gun stores as do I.

    I have since been going to Larrys In Sutherlin and Roseburg Gun store.

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