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Mixed message for mixed up people!

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by OLDNEWBIE, May 31, 2013.


    OLDNEWBIE State of Flux Well-Known Member

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    Police selling guns from buyback program

    UPI 5/31/2013 3:47:58 PM

    ST. CHARLES, Ill., May 31 (UPI) --
    A police department in the Chicago suburbs said some of the guns obtained from a buyback program will be sold to a pair of licensed dealers.

    St. Charles Police Chief James Lamkin said about 20 firearms obtained through a gun buyback program and seized by courts will be sold to the dealers, the Chicago Tribune reported Friday.

    "There's value in these guns," Lamkin said. "They're not illegal guns. Quite honestly, it's a bottom line for us."

    Most other area departments, including the Chicago Police Department and the Illinois State Police, destroy the guns obtained through buybacks.

    "There are individuals who will say, why not simply destroy them?" St. Charles Mayor Raymond Rogina said. "But when that happens, there will be someone saying that's taxpayer dollars [at stake] and you're throwing it away."
  2. oknow

    oknow amboy wa. Well-Known Member

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    bet those people that sold them to the cops for pennies on the dollar are pissed because they (the cops)are getting more money for them and the guns are (back on the street) :rofl1::rofl1::rofl1:
  3. LogicBomb

    LogicBomb Grants Pass Active Member

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    Im STILL looking....haven't found a single gun on the street

    OLDNEWBIE State of Flux Well-Known Member

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    Disney World visitor, grandson find loaded gun on ride

    Published May 30, 2013

    Associated Press

    LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. – A Walt Disney World patron on a ride with her grandson found a loaded gun on her seat, officials said Wednesday.

    Officials said that the woman found the pistol on the Dinosaur ride at Animal Kingdom. The woman turned over the loaded weapon to a park attendant, who then contacted her manager and authorities.

    The gun's owner, Angelo Lista, told authorities he discovered his gun was missing several minutes after leaving the ride. He has a concealed weapons permit.

    Lista told authorities he didn't know Disney World patrons weren't allowed to bring guns. He said he thought the security checkpoint at the entrance to the Florida theme park was only so that guards could check bags for bombs or explosives. Patrons do not walk through metal detectors nor are they subject to patdowns.

    Disney World prohibits patrons from bringing weapons of any kind on its property.