Mitsubishi compact garden tractor. One cylinder Diesel

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    Smart looking Mitsubishi R1500 one cylinder diesel tractor. Two wheel drive. Front and rear tires are at least half if not more tread remaining. Easy to start. Easy on fuel. Runs standard impliments due to the (included) pto size adaptor. With the adaptor you can operate any ordinary five spline pto. Will run up to a 4 ft mower or a 36" rototiller. Will pull a back blade, box scraper, one bottom plow, middle buster plow and more. For an extra $100 I can throw in a one bottom plow that I bought for digging potatoes.

    $1800 obo


    $1900 with one bottom plow

    Mitsubishi pictures click here.

    Phone number: Nine seven one - two four oh - three four nine four.

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