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This is another example that the 1A is a one-way street.

Too bad for this teacher. At least he is on paid administrative leave - for now. Would like to see what happens at the end of "the investigation".

At least he gets to spend more time shooting with his son. :)
Posting a picture with a gun is crime now? I guess it makes sense as a student can get expelled for making a finger gun. :rolleyes:
This Principal and his family deserve all the support they can get. I suspect he knowingly took a risk in displaying a recreational time with his kids. He knows that being a member of the public school cartel requires subjugation to the agenda. David Hogg's handlers will make sure this guy pays the price for his socially illegal behavior. Freedom is hard to come by in 'Merica.
I support the message of the principal’s tweet, and condemn the idea that this man should suffer any consequences, professionally or privately. The only mistake made was feeding demagogue Hogg (hey, that rhymes), who deserves nothing except to be ignored.
"You know what is more cool?"

God, I hate that instafamous little twerp.

What is more cool is, people minding their own children instead of blaming everyone else for their problems.
We live in a crazy world where there is so much censorship and crazy hatred when it comes to PRO gun talk and a whole lot more which I will not list here. It is a pretty LONG list!

It is pretty pathetic what happened to this man and other men/women like him who SHARE their ideas, stories, pictures and more and they get shut down or lose their profession because of UNHINGED anti gun folks. These anti gun freaks are and will continue to cause the downfall of this country.

It is their planned GOAL and their anti First Amendment talk IS a bunch of salami too!

They can't stand or handle another viewpoint because it does NOT line up with their stance.

How about this? If you don't want a gun - don't buy a gun! NO one is forcing a gun into any anti gun person's hand.

Don't shove your anti freedom, anti Constitution/BOR, or any other anti gun salami idea or law down my throat and I won't shove my pro gun speech in your ears!

HOGG and his ilk are nothing but attention wh__s and they have been since the FL murders. I NEVER saw him say anything BAD about how that ENTIRE SITUATION down there was handled from the gitgo!

Did you see Hogg BLAME the shooter/murderer, the school system on how HE WAS HANDLED for all of that bad behavior, the FL police and all of those calls, the adoptive Mom who should have been more firm with him, the drug addict birth Mom, the DRILL that was going on, and tons more?


He wants to blame guns - objects, honest gun people, pro gun orgs and the usual spin from his ILK.

Hogg was and still IS being GROOMED for more anti gun crapola and for the mass media. Maybe a future in politics or in mass media since he has mentioned this too. His Dad was in the FBI and his Mom worked for CNN if my memory serves me right. That was IN the regular news but it did not come out immediately.

ADDED more.
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So I am not saying that I agree with Hogg or the actions taken by the Principal's school district...
And I find it ironic that "Free Speech" is , indeed Free Speech , if it is Speech of a certain agenda or idea , but not of another...

With that said :
I do see the OP as a reminded to be careful of just what you post , where you post and how you word your post , when online.

There are a lot of pictures here on this site of me , my guns and me with others and their guns...
Someone with a bit more computer savvy could easily "cut and paste" my pictures and postings to make me look and sound totally different than what I originally posted...

I teach and the above is a bit of concern in this day and age...too much worry 'bout nothing , some may say....
Well I did see pictures of one of my flintlocks , being shown as an example of a gun , on a different web site , that I have not visited before...

Will that keep me from posting here...No
I enjoy what I do and like to share my love of firearms with others ....
Seeing some of my pictures being used by others , for their purposes , and the OP , just serves as a reminder to be careful of what you say and post.
SoyHogg got another split second of notoriety I see. Maybe BetoMale can have him as a running mate.
Seems pretty straight forward lawsuit from reprimanded principal for exercising his right to free speech against the district.

That’s the only way to make this bologna stop, hit them in the pockets every time.
If I did that ...then I couldn't post here...And I will take the risk of posting here as I enjoy talking about guns.

Not trying to argue...just pointing out that that NWFA is a Social Media Account....

This kind of forum is a completely different animal than twatter and farcebook. I REALLY enjoy this forum. I don't get a forum where most only throw a sentence here and there. Cheap shots, one sentence opinions of hundreds of people you don't know. It's a major boon to the owners of twatter and farcebook because of the data they get on people and then use that to make money. They don't give a rats arse about the PEOPLE only that they have their info. I'll never understand the draw to "Twitter"

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